💵 Easiest $300/Day (Idiot Proof) Business For 2019 | Lead Generation

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In this video, I’ll be giving you the step-by-step business blueprint and ultimate guide on how to start your own cold email lead generation business and get your first paying client within 48 hours using the exact cold email template that I used back when I used to do this. (Posted below)

This is the perfect business for somebody with no prior internet marketing experience. I recommend this to anybody who’s just starting out and may be intimidated by learning things like Shopify drop-shipping, Instagram and social media marketing, SEO, or creating their own products.

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The main service you’ll be offering is collecting cold email leads for businesses which you can easily charge $300/month and upsetting them on managing their cold email campaigns or email marketing for them. Usually an extra $200-$400/month.

Step 1 👉 How & Where to Collect Leads

First things first. To make sure your leads are able to be used in a mail merge to send out customized emails you need to properly format the columns of information you’ll be collecting.

Always be familiar with your email template and how the information is going to be inserted. Make sure your emails are going to read naturally. The most common information you’ll be collecting is a contact name, email address and/or phone number, a portfolio item to further personalize the email and the source of where you discovered your lead.

Step 2 👉 Using Email To Get New Clients

Once you have a list of leads ready to contact you’re going to send out a cold email campaign.

I suggest using and customizing the cold email template I’ll paste below as it would always reap a 30%+ response rate and helped me close my first $300/mo client within 48 hours!

I personally recommend using YesWare, but you can also use others like Streak CRM and there is a free Google Docs add-on called Just Another Mail Merge you can use as well.

Make sure to always double check and preview everything before you send out your batch of emails.

Step 3: 👉 Up-Sell Your Clients in Extra Cold Email or Campaign Management Services

Once you’ve closed your first couple of clients and they’re pleased with your service, I suggest up-selling them on extra email marketing services.

You can offer things like writing and sending their cold email campaigns for them, or using an autoresponder to manage all of their email marketing.

📧 Copy My Cold Email Templates Below.👇

(The first I used to recruit my first agency client within 48 hours. Use this as a template and customize it for your own business.)


Subject Line: Quick question about {!Company}

Hey {!Name},

I just came across {!Company} on {!Source} and I really love what with what you guys have going on. Congrats on {!Portfolio Item}! My name’s Matt and I’m the founder of COMPANY NAME. We specialize growing the number of new clients for agencies just like {!Company} which is very similar to my other clients so I thought I’d reach out.

My team and I specialize in generating hundreds of new leads each month based on what your ideal customer looks like and finding out where they hang out on online. We also offer cold email and follow-up services to start turning those cold leads into paying clients.

I PROMISE you we can double if not triple the number of new leads you guys generate every month.

I’d like to find out more about what you’re currently doing to generate fresh leads and close new clients. If you’re ready to start getting more clients, I’d love to hop on a quick call with you. 🙂

I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks, have a great day!


(This second one is the highest converting email we used to grow my old software company, RepPages)

Subject Line: Quick question about {!Company}

Hey {!Name}!

I came across {!Company} while browsing through {!Source} and I noticed a couple negative reviews…

My name is YOUR NAME, and my company has a 5-minute trick to completely stop bad online reviews and you a few hundred extra customers through your door each week.

Can we schedule a quick 10-minute call and I can share more?
Let me know! 🙂

Shoutout to my friend Alex Berman from Experiment27 for sharing some of these methods with me. Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAr7M4Pz-c1WCpIz3YAJQeQ

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Hi Matt, thanks for the video, it was very helpfull. I would also suggest to scrape owner info from whois.com which holds info on the domain responsible, usually the owner. This method is particulary usefull because the contact email figured in the Whois Page is almost always the owner's personal email.

Another tip that helped me on the scraping front is to use services provided by Fiverr freelancers. I was able to scrape tens of thousands of emails from popular websites paying as little as 10 or 20 bucks for the complete dataset.

So, i've done everything and more – third day and clients are not really answering my mails… what can i do to get a response? i'm already rewriting another list of new clients, because it doesn't seem "ok" for me to resend cold mails to them again. Is anyone facing these problems too? if in the process i can close even just ONE client, i'm willful to listen to your feedback guysMatthew.

Do we need to have a website to do this? Cause I've send a bunch of emails and the ony one person who have replied to me was an CEO who said that nobody will take that service seriously without a website

Absolutely unreal video Matt – genius. i was just wondering what you would do when you run out of contacts on Yelp to send to the prospect? move to a different channel e.g. Groupon/Google maps? the only thing i would be worried about is duplicate results using this method?

Anyway, stay peachy!

Hi Matt. Very inspiring stuff here. When working with multiple clients in the same niche do you “sell” the same leads over again to different clients? Would this be frowned upon?

Nice video man. I'm not an agency but i have a ton of knowledge about paid ads. Google, Native, YouTube, etc. I teach how to use paid traffic to build your online business but also with affiliate marketing as well. If anyone would like to learn more take a loot at my channel. thanks!

Hey. Great vid. Thanks for it.

I just had a quick question: What would be a good number of leads to send to your client monthly?

Rewatching to see if I missed answer

Thanks again

Hi Matt great video but i have a question lets say you decide to go with the restaurant way like you have in the video what kind of leads would you need to find for a restaurant?

Quick question about yet another mail merge – Can you send another email as a follow-up on the same excel sheet from a different template and will it track the data in a new column?

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