10 Reasons Why The MCU Can Survive Without Spider-Man

Why The MCU Doesn’t Need Spider-Man To Stay Relevant Following The Sony – Marvel Debacle

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Of course, we are all devastated at the thought of going back to the dark time in our lives without Spider-Man in our preferred movie-making company. But will everything really crumble and movie theaters remain empty because of this? We fully believe the MCU can survive even without Tom Holland portraying Peter Parker on the big screen. Not only will there be great new movies hitting theaters as soon as Phase Four but there’s also going to be some top tier talent in The Eternals like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kit Harington. Yes, that’s two Game of Thrones stars in one blockbuster movie! We can also look forward to seeing some other young upcoming heroes such as Kamala Khan also known as Ms. Marvel. Because we’re not just getting this superpowered world on the big screen anymore, thanks to Disney+ streaming we can see some of our favorite heroes from anywhere with internet access. Far From Home hit it big at the box office but so did many other great superhero movies with characters Marvel Studios is still allowed to use! It may not be the future Tony Stark pictured but we have high hopes for it anyway.

What do you think about the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe without our favorite web crawler? Do you think it will persevere or is this the beginning of the end? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at CBR.


Entry 1 – NUMBERS
Entry 2 – UNKNOWNS
Entry 5 – SCOPE
Entry 6 – BOX OFFICE
Entry 7 – UNDERDOG
Entry 8 – CYCLE


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Mcu can survive but I really dont care to watch anymore….sorry not sorry.
reason I loved x-men….wolverine now he dead.
Reason I loved avengers ….the hulk now he a wuss

Not intrested

it would survive if iron man didn't die and captain america wasn't old. thors probably going to die in his next movie. Who wants to see an avengers movie with who? Captain marvel, black panther, and Dr.Strange. I don't know…

Are u serious first iron man dies second black widow dies and Loki and Captain America is old and visor dies and now you are getting rid of my childhood favorite character at all time Spider-Man and he is going to not be in the mcu like why

Dammit CBR the MCU won't survive without him spider-man is the only hero that has had more comics and video games a life without him in the MCU well we wouldn't last a day

FFH only grossed so much because it was the follow-up to Endgame and the movie considered to be the final phase for Marvel's 10-year run. Sony thinks they got this just because Venom did well. They will be sorely mistaken.

First of all, sony has nothing to do with the MCU, spiderman played a very small role in the overall story. Everything marvel built up, was all because of themselves, not sony lol. Sony was just on the side, accumulating the money that their spiderman made because of being part of the MCU.

Both Sony and Disney needs to continue their negotiation with a possible new deal for Stan Lee, Steve Ditko (may they rest in peace) and 55+ million Spidey fans around the world.
Let Sony have 1.1 billion anyway.
We all know that Disney obviously made more than 7.2 billion combined with all five movies plus they'll possibly make 2+ billion more with both "Frozen 2" and "Star Wars Episode 9" this year.
Their new "Spider-Man" film franchise must continue after "Far From Home" possibly until mid 2020s.

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