$2 Bill Searching for Rare Notes and Fancy Serial Numbers

In this video we do a daily bill search, where we look through our Pocket Change in hopes of finding things worth tons of money.

One thing you may not know is that you could have a bill in your pocket worth way more than its face value!

Let me teach you the facts, tips and information you need to strike it rich with your pocket change!

During daily bill search video we come across a few interesting bills, most notably one bearing a signature of Pablo.



Remember… Always check your bills!

Serial numbers, miscuts, and errors of all kinds can make their way into your pocket or wallet. These can be worth hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars!

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I have a 2 dollar bill that was signed by quite a few sports figures.Must have been at some presentation? Roman Gabriel, sports commentators and many more . Worth anything?

I’m 13 I think I got about 30 something dollars in all 2s not folded in my wallet just bent but not to the point where there’s a crease. I’ll check them out

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