2011 dimes worth money! Dimes you should look for!

We talk about 2011 dimes wort money. Newer Roosevelt dimes to look for.
They are very valuable if you only know what to look for.

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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Yes, I do collect newer dimes! One f my first coins I sent for grading was a 2019 dime – looked perfect to me but only came back MS65FT so a little disappointing!

Love dimes, especially error coins and hi graded ones. Ever since I found a die clash in grocery store change, the bug has had me… great info!

I do not collect dimes, other than as fractional silver. I do have an early silver rosie set though. I cant believe the clad sold for more than the silver, blows my mind. I'll keep my out, but I am unlikely to catch one of these proofs. Thanks Jbcoinsinc

How cool. I just went to the bank earlier today and got a few rolls. First time I've done that. I found a nice looking 2011 d dime…wish I had a scope to look at it closer. Think I'll hold on to it just in case 😉

My Dad “collected” dimes throughout his life and I inherited some of them. He even went in to a Sears store years ago and purchased his first COLOR TV back in the 70s with cash – his dimes! The store had to take them. “It was the coin of the realm”. Anyway I am surprised at the values attributed to the various years and mints. I really need to take a closer look at my dime collection now!!

Awesome video, J&B!! I collect dimes and have many I've set aside just in case of a situation such as this one!! Yay!! More homework on newer coins!! I love it!! Great prices on these dimes!! 😀

Huh. I have two nice, shiny 2011 D dimes. They're very pretty and I can see the lines (top and bottom) in the banding with the naked eye. They hardly look like they'd be worth anything though. I may hold onto them just in case, lol. Thanks.

Very cool price for newer coins. The prices are all over the place. You would think the silver proof dime would be worth more than any of the other ones. Go figure. By the way at about 314 you referd to the dime as a penny. LOL😀

interesting J&B maybe i should re-stratagize my dime collection. So far have only been keeping Full Bands & obvious errors but not so much paid attention to grade.Thanx 4 fyi time 2do some research.

First video I ever watched on coin collecting was by jbcoins a few years ago when I saw a video on the "year of the error coin' 2015 😆. Been obsessed ever since 😆 always liked coins anyway but it's overwhelming keeping up with all the things to look for. I have tons of coins and no one I know is remotely interested. I tell a majority of the people I see at cashregisters to keep an eye out and they all look at me like ive got 2 heads haha. Funny but sad. Tough hobby to share info and collaborate on without immediately accessible peers.what is the equipment called that makes all the coins in the videos appear so clearly? I have a 20x jewlers loupe but is field of view isrelatively tiny. Hope you dont mind pics and questions if I ever get my hands on good equipment 😄. Thanks for spreading the knowledge 🙂

Amazing to know that a 2011 dime could be valuable unless it was an error I save all my change I just don't have the time to look through it I mainly save it to go on my son's bank account but when I do have time I look through it for errors or what I may find out from your Channel thanks again for the info

I’ve always saved coins that are “older” bc I didn’t think newer ones were worth much. Time to expand my collection, I guess:) Thanks jbcoinsinc, you guys are the best!

I do collect newer coins that are nice and shiny. I didn't know the 2011 dimes were valuable. My husband and I are new to collecting and we are learning a lot of things from you J&B. Thanks very much!

Hey Jay, you just keep blowing me away with us this information! But at least you’re saying that proof coin is here aren’t worth anything but clad going 700 and up ha ha oh my goodness, I am so happy that I didn’t throw out or return these few little rolls that didn’t get taken as I’m certain some might have A few really new ones as they’ve been wrapped for a quite some time, well here’s hoping for the best for all of our family here at JB Coins. The best part is I don’t have to look very hard for the errors as it’s the quality And I can see that without any great magnification pretty well. Thank you for that new information that I wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t said it! I give that a rating of WOWZA! R

I do collect some newer coins but often look at newer dimes and think they probably aren't worth too much. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for any 2011 dimes in good condition with full bands. Funny how a bad year can make those nice dimes worth a lot. Thanks again J&B!

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