2020 MG ZS EV review – a £20,000 electric car bargain? | What Car?

Join us in London for our first drive of the new 2020 MG ZS EV (or eZS in other markets). MG’s first electric car looks like an absolute bargain, but in this review we’ll be finding if it’s a worthy alternative to cars like the Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Kona Electric.

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Thanks for your review – the price of this model is so good that I've changed my 5 year EV plan, and have ordered one of these so I can get in on the EV development. Yes it's a shame that the range couldn't be higher, but I want the benefits of free road tax and much cheaper running costs. I suspect that when it's time for me to replace it in 4 years time, the government will have removed purchase subsidies, road tax will probably be charged on EVs and I bet electric prices will have increased. When EVs are adopted by the masses, I doubt the incentives will be there.

SAIC the parent company of MG builds VW and Audi cars in China so it's not unsurprising that some influence has carried over to their own models.
The battery is not under the rear seats, it's under the floor and the boot has a two stage floor which on the upper setting gives a flat loadspace with no hump.

Excellent review! Cracking presenter ! At last, an EV which is starting to bring the price point down to realistic levels. Don't be disheartened by some of the idiotic comments.

A car built entirely for Millennium Snowflakes, save the Planet by buying this CRAP Rubbish, what about all the PLASTIC Used and dumped into Rivers & Oceans causing irreparable harm that will take 100's of years to recover from.

It is certainly a better car than I thought it would be. But I don’t think the MG won’t have it all it’s own way, the e Niro for example has a better battery / range although the MG is significantly cheaper. Well done Chinese MG.

This review was so long winded I lost interest. Can someone tell me if this is better than a Niro Ev or not? 40 hours on trunk space and all I want to know is if it's quality or not. Ugh

If you insist on jumping on the electric bandwagon quickly I can't see what's bad about this car. It's alright in and out does the job fine and I don't think there is any competition at that price, the new 208 ev starts at around £24k I think

I doubt the average buyer cares how derivative the car is! I think they care if it is a good car that they can rely on to do what they expect it to do. I think they care about range, driveability, comfort and quality. Above-all, I think they care about value for money. Whie the range is a bit last year, the price reflects that. Within a few years it is likely we will see cars like this with double the range for less than 20,000 pounds. Only problem is infrastructure, which really needs to be leagues better, particularly if you expect the majority who don't have off-street parking to buy an electric car and therefore for whom home charging is not an option. Problem with the government's targets is the thinking comes from a perspective that is far too middle-class.

arrrrrr SUV why is it that everyone things there great there big pointless hardly any room in the boot / back seat and here in the UK parking spaces are TOO SMALL. when will we see an fully EV estate car that's what I want

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