99. This 53' DREAM Yacht is SURPRISING [Full Tour] Learning the Lines

We were pleasantly surprised with this boat. She is a 2008 custom Gorbon 53′ deck salon, built in Turkey for over 1.5 million dollars. She still feels like a million dollar yacht today, but she costs MUCH less to purchase now.

The dual helms, deck salon, and secondary interior helm station, combined with the massive amount of functional exterior and interior space make this boat a real competitor with today’s modern catamarans for comfortable cruising. and living aboard. I’d certainly say she has the accommodations of a 40 to 45′ modern catamaran for a fraction of the price.

The current asking price is now $275,000, which means this is an AMAZING value for a boat with almost two million into it.

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Learning the Lines is a channel about us, an average couple in our 20’s, with big dreams to be sailing the world by the time we’re in our 30’s. We’re not afraid to jump into anything, put in the work, and learn as we go. For this reason our channel is very DIY focused, with the goal to show anyone watching that a lot is possible if you’re not afraid to make some mistakes along the way.

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sorta makes a fella wonder why the price is discounted as it is. There was no detail on engine/generator etc run hours along with recent repairs/ maintenance items. With normal use the standing rigging will be coming due for replacement in near years. There seems to be sailing boats that sell when they reach the "decade" mark due to upcoming big maintenance especially if these things have been deferred. All the woodwork on this vessel is very nice but it don't stay that way by itself. Teak decks are nice by very few people know how to properly maintain them so they develop their natural "patina".

Beautiful boat and custom-built by a wealthy family man to be sailed by wire (one-man cockpit control) along with mother and the two kids, perhaps boys with the one stateroom with two bunks. There is no room for a crew, so privacy was a concern, I can understand that. I imagine they do a lot of entertaining at the marina. Hence the large cockpit area, or on day sails, but the boat is not set up for a long excursion with guest, it's more like a family home. A really nice family home, but I doubt seriously they are or were liveaboards. At $275K she's a steal, to be honest. For me it might as well be $275 million, Lol, I'm more in the $27.50 category.

I'd liked to have seen more of the rigging and sail plan, she looks to be a performance racer/cruiser; the heavy-duty shrouds and big wenches speak of large, powerful sails. That and that beautiful long sleek hull, she looks fast. The woodwork alone was a work of art by fine and skilled craftsmen, one can only imagine what that alone cost. I agree, Jordan, the pilothouse helm would be my spot on the boat, on watch or not. All in all, the boat is awesome, it was laid out by a man with demanding taste who knows what he wants in a boat, and knows how to sail it. I enjoyed this one guys, keep them coming. I'm trying to set myself up to do the same here because from Kemah – Seabrook all the way down to Galveston, and from there all along the Gulf Coast of Texas to Corpus Christy is a sailboat rich environment. Just like Flordia. The problem is I'm a poor old man, retired, with limited resources for camera gear and such. This is besides the fact I would first need to learn to use it, but I learn easily.

I wish you fair winds my friends, sail on them away towards the adventures that are calling!

Im going to ask again, maybe you missed my question. I would like to know how much those cute bungalows are your staying at, etc. Looking for a place for when I make my great excape. Cant afford much , want something small that I can stay month to month or no more the 6 months and I do not want to room mate…thanks

that is a nice boat, i really liked it, but it seemed like a lot of wasted space on the rear deck that could have been used for bunks. and once you went down to the galley, there was no salon near the food. didnt like that and all the walls, seemed real tight down under.

One of those " interesting" but a little confusing yachts. The bigger boat feel lends to the impression that she should have more interior accommodation ..however she is only 53 ft and interior space seems to be sacrificed to the HUGE aft cockpit. Interesting boat..nice review/tour..as usual.

Those deep draft boats would not be reasonable for what I want but you guys definitely show interesting boats.
I love this boat for entertaining and with my two big dogs it’s perfect.
The only problem is the access to the places I want to go and need 5’ draft or less.

Thanks for the tour. And yes what an amazing boat and price! I'm looking for those magic numbers, like draft and bridge clearance along with great accommodations. All in a vessel that's blue water worthy!

That dark spot on the house could mean moisture intrusion…Balsa could be soaked and moldy…..Now the water on the bulk head..Could be coming from the shower..Nice boat but I don't like the chain plates mounted to the bulk head…
Too wimpy for me…

Hmmmm …something is going on that port side..

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