Adwords Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager Tutorial

Adwords Conversion Tracking is an important part of any AdWords Campaign. With Google Tag Manager you can easily deploy the code on your website without having to place it in your website code.


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I have a question that doesn't seem to be answered in any video i've seen. When it comes to google ads conversions. Each time i add a conversion to Google Ads it tells me to add code to the website. Do i need to install a new conversion tracking tag for each conversion?

My initial thought it yes, because it seems that the conversion ID is different but i want to be sure so i don't have overload and redundant tags.

Hi, Thank you for your video ! is it working exactly the same with shopify. Just need to change the URL with "thank-you" right ?
Just discover your channel really like your content seriously

Thanks so much. I'm new to all this and this video helped me do the last part of my first Adwords campaign that I created. Watched this video lots and it took me awhile; plus I did a slightly different type of trigger not described however I got there myself. Big thanks and appreciation for your help! Ryan.

Awesome videos. Thx so much. My question: would u rather set up conversion tracking between adwords and tag manager or import conversion tracking via analytics to adwords?

@measureschool Hi Julian, quick question if there is currently an implementation of enhanced e-commerce using Gtag global not with GTM but through GA how do we use the data (dynamic) in the e-commerce event to send to conversion tracking?

I am not sure if my question makes sense, but currently, our devs implemented Google Analytics through gtag.js. I want to install AdWords Conversion Tracking using GTM. How do I create variables that send information from the event to Conversion Tracking like Transaction ID, currency, value, product; etc. ?

I created a tag in GTM for GA and AdWords to track the same button. Will AdWords track organic clicks or will it know the difference and only track button clicks from paid traffic?

I have a question. I follow this video and I use "Firing Triggers" by button click by capture click classes equal to. It works when I test with preview mode It can capture click and Tag assistant on chrome also show when It got a click.

BUT… In Adwords Conversion Action status show, "No recent conversions" this look like conversions didn't work?

Great video, Julian, but right in the beginning you say that you already have Google Tag Manager installed on your site. Is there a specific WordPress plugin that you are referring to?

Hello! I've followed all your instructions in this video for setting up Adwords Conversion Tracking. I used a page view of a Thank You Page as a trigger. Now that I've published everything, Google Tag Assistant still does not detect/show the Adwords Conversion Tag on the Thank You Page. I think I saw something about using needing to use the newer Global Tag for the conversion tracking to work (around the part in the video where it tells you that "You've set up your X conversion action" in Adwords – 8:02 – the first point form note on this page is different than yours and talks about the Global Tag) – but I'm using GTM and do not use the Global Tag as I read that it is not needed. Please let me know if you can help!

Hi been watching your videos you are very good at what you do i have a question i installed adwords conversion tracking on my woocommerce however its not working at first in the page url contains i put: order-received and when i got a conversion it did not fire the conversion into adwords so now i tried this url contains: checkout/order-received, please let me know what i am doing wrong, thanks

Julian. You must know how helpful these videos are. I see you also do consulting calls which I will certainly take advantage of as well. St the moment I have a concern you may be able to simply alleviate. That is attribution. I have both FB and AdWords conversions firing on the same trigger. Will that incorrectly credit both platforms with a conversion or is there some built in logic in both platforms tracking that only attributes conversions if the visitor cane from it. If not, how could I solve the problem through gtm? Perhaps by adding referrer at a condition on the trigger for FB as an example?

Very nice video from Measureschool, we have followed everything in your videos, but we are having a problem with the google coversions, they stayd Unverified.

We have made a test via Googletag manever preview mode everything fires normally.

we have made a test with TAG assistant and also everything is working there, but still the conversion in adowrds stays unverified

Any idea would be helpfull thank you

but just to be sure… i do not have to put the AdWords Covnersion code on my site… i only have to place the tag manager code on my site and make a new tag with the conversion id and label, right? so in my case i set up an trigger for ooutgoing link… so it should fire every time someone clicks an outgoing link to a webpage with an certain keyword… altough i dont have a tracking code on the third party website it shoud work right?

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