And Then He Was Homesick! S2E26

The goats have almost grazed off their whole square! Lodi is doing so much better and the family is getting ready to go camping agian!

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Iris is getting so big..🤗❤ Vacationing boy's! A good father son deal. 👍 My older male cat takes the girls out of the yard. I worry everytime they go across the street..
Goats all look in fine shape.. All right great looking cheese!! It just takes time. Cheese can be difficult to master.. ❤🕊Jeanne on the Oregon coast 58° lol. Is it summer yet?

Hi Crystal! Your video brought back some memories. I lived in Indiana during the 90's, and I really miss my Brown County excursions. Iris is absolutely adorable with some chubby, kissable cheeks. I can't get over how big she is now. How many goat babies do you have left? I saw only three, so hopefully you've had a good market for them. Y'all take good care!

Oh big beautiful baby Iris, looks like she’s cutting teeth already. That baby girl is growing and will have long pretty hair just like grandma. Hi Iris how are you pretty Iris, how are you? The boys are walking like they can barely make it. Crystal dear Crystal you are a perfectionist with your cheese. If you’re making pepper jack, I’m coming out there to help you devour it. Take care!

Crystal, what a proud Grandma you are! Miss our Granddaughter so much, we're in the UK and she's in Sweden, she is 7year's old and her name is Dagny Ivy. Noticed Tin is looking very colourful, and glad little goat is on the mend🐐🌵

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