Apple Watch Series 5 & 10.2-Inch iPad 7 Released! Should You Buy?

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Apple’s Series 5 Watch has an always-on display, faster processor, compass and more. The 10.2-inch iPad 7 costs only $329 and it’s probably the best tablet value on the market. Will you be buying either of these new releases?

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Question: In this update you mentioned the Apple pencil that works with the new I PAD 7th Generation (announced yesterday) was the Apple Pencil 1. This cannot be correct? Please re-verify which Apple pencil works with the new Apple Gen 7 i Pad just announced? It was not clear on Apples WEB site. Just for the record the Apple Pencil 1 (first Gen) is the worse piece of garbage ever produced by Apple except for their Lap Tops computers. The Gen 2 Apple Pencil is totally outstanding. Thanks

I pre ordered this watched and cancelled my order as soon as I realized nothing was mentioned about new processor in series 5. Getting a smart watch isn’t really a must for me so can wait another year for a worthy upgrade.

You do realize that this "new" iPad (7th generation) has the same exact processor as the iPad (6th generation) which came out March 2018? There is nothing new about it at all apart from the slightly bigger screen. My iPad (6th generation) will also run iPadOS, so…what exactly is the difference?

Disappointing, Apple.

Bro I know is your money but this watch isn’t worth it! You can buy it 14 days trial to show us here in YouTube but don’t keep it. If I were you I’ll wait next year Apple Watch series 6! Just saying.

Hey Sam do you think the 11 is worth it? Better than the XS? 5 more hours battery life, better camera, faster chip, i mean what upgrades do people want or can be done at this point in time? I think it’s a good upgrade.

Why is the iPad even called the 7th gen it has the same internals as the 6th gen it’s just slightly bigger and has a smart connector for a Smart Keyboard that’s it nothing else is new about it same A10 chip and everything it’s better to just get the 6th gen as it’ll be reduced to $250 in most retail stores

They throw away the best Nike band black and yellow/purple color (who Came the 4th october instead of 20 sept) … the red ring not appear on all device… so hard to choose , love titanium watch but i préfère take 2 bands and à dock 😥⌚️😢

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