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The concept is exactly the same as Arbing, but the unique angle with this is – *you take the price at the bookmaker before it falls.* That way bookmakers don’t know you’re Arb betting, instead, they think you’re just getting lucky 😉

Essentially, some bookmakers tend to be quite slow in reflecting their prices across the market (that’s what I’ve gathered). So you shoot the price before it’s about to fall. Once you receive the alert you have anywhere between 1-15 mins to place your bookmaker bet.

You then lay the event in Betfair exchange. Your profit is obviously the price difference. So for example, let’s say a horse is currently odds of 5.0 and the alert service informs you that the price is going to fall down to 4.0. If you see the same horse on the same bookie at the same price (5.0) place your back bet.

Then, just wait a few minutes just before the event begins, as the lay price falls then place your lay bet. Let’s say we place a £20 stake at 5.0 and we see lay at 4.0 (anything below 5.0 qualifies for an arb) we’d make £4.05 profit (based on 5% lay commission, which you can get down to 2% using Betfair’s latest reward program).

That’s an ROI of 20.25%


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