Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones speech (with real subtitles)

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The things that apple believed in at its core is the same thing apple stands for today."
did u hear that mr tim cook? u have ruined apple today!!!

steve jobs made apple for the customer. tim cookie made it for the company. Tim cook has taken apple to the ground.

Steve: "People with passion can change the world for the better and we have had the chance to work together with them….we believe those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that actually do it". He did. Inspiring and Thinking different :o)

Apple is overpriced fan boy products. The only thing apple really excels at is warranty and customer service. My 2 year old phone outperforms the new iPhone. This is great advice though. Crazy that is a Apple ad considering you con't change shit on a apple phone!

Anyone who has seen the film about Steve Jobs or the movie about "The Founder" of McDonalds would realize both of these men are thieving megalomaniacs with vision. And we excuse their thieving megalomania because of their vision.

Almost none of that actually means anything. He's just saying inspiring sounding stuff so that more people will give him their money. I don't hold it against him though. I can respect a strategy that works.

Saw a recent spot on tv during season 2 of killing eve. Oprah. Lin Manuel and others plus a child sitting behind Apple laptops. Black and white. Illuminated Apple logo visible. Inspired by the think different campaign but lifeless IMO. Predictable. No edge.

Steve Jobs is a great man in whatever realm he dwells. Of course all good people become the victims of those who used to run the world. That game is nearly over thank God ! Thank no one if you want. Or thank yourself hopefully !

For every one who wants Tim cook to look at this now or to apple to watch this video now or people who now are talking about core values blah blah blah . There is nothing like a fuckin core value my friends . Any business starts with profit in mind followed by ruling the market and become number one. When it becomes really big , only then we publish our core value shit on consumers “just in case they give a fuck” . I own an I-phone and I am no Albert Einstein. For people who understood this is a marketing gimmick stop reading and for other talking about core values and other crap just think what he said before . Nike is selling shoes but advertises Athletes but not boast bout their shoe or sole . Similarly Apple instead of marketing their spec they focus on already successful people and call it honoring. Now owning an apple is pride and most of them are stupidly brainwashed by Sir Steve Jobs. Lenovo , HP or whatever would have similar core jobs and spec but steve won the marketing part though.
Never talk about core values as if u care . If you did not like the product you will not buy it . You will throw it away or sell it after a time. If it hangs , u ll be pissed off . If you have an better alternative , you will take the initiative.
Just my 2 cents. Drop mic. Dab . Sckooo skhoooo

OK, so let's piggy back on Einstein, MLK, Bob Dylan et all… Who's to say the Einstein would use a Mac?! Pretty sure that Ghandi would opt for a cheaper, stronger laptop that works fine without all the hype and BS for a fraction of the price… and would choose a PC. Not to diminish Steve Jobs who was clearly very talented, I just can't stand this all this cult and condescension. Used Macbooks and MBP for a decade till the last one crapped out on me after 3.5 years. Switched to PCs and it works just fine Apple stands for one thing and that is milking you for $$$, don't be fooled.

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