Best Personal Loan Companies (2019)

The best personal loan companies I found online in 2019!
LightStream Loans (My #1 Pick):
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If you’re looking for a personal loan online, then this video should help you out quite a bit. I had to do a lot of research for a personal loan in my own life, so I’d like to share the best personal loan companies that I found online.

When it comes to personal loans, there’s too many lenders to choose from, so I’ve narrowed them down to 4 specific personal loan options. Each of these lenders does not charge an origination fee and they’ve all got great rates and terms to choose from.

I’d consider them all low interest personal loans, because they’ve got the best rates in the industry. So if you need to pay off credit card debt, consolidate debt, or you just want to improve your home, then a personal might be for you.

I’ll be covering Marcus Loans by Goldman Sachs, LightStream Loans by SunTrust Bank (my favorite), American Express Personal Loans and TD Loans as well. All of these personal loan companies have great rates and loan options for every type of consumer. Some are great options if you need a personal loan with bad credit and others require excellent credit for the best rates. Enjoy the video and please share it!!! Thanks.



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If you want to invest, but you don’t want to do all the work, look into Betterment for automated, low-fee investing. They’ll help with everything and are one of the best online advisers I’d recommned.

If you want to invest in the stock market yourself, check out M1 Finance, because you can buy partial shares (which is awesome) and trades are free to make as well.

If you’re in need of a personal or auto loan, check out LightStream Loans. They have the best rates and don’t charge any fees or pre-payment penalties.

And if you want to start a YouTube channel, here’s a great course called “YouTube Ranking Academy” by Sean Cannell.




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great info thanks question for you. A year ago I paid off a credit with another higher credit card but once it was paid off my credit card line was reduced. Do you think this will happen again with a personal loan? and would they reduce my credit line it was paid off

Great info, so far… Im still here! Ive been having such difficulty getting a Personal Loan even though my credit was over 680 (now its 650) My credit is low ONLY because of my Debt to Credit ratio. Ive never made a late payment in over 25 years. I need this loan for Debt/CC Consolidation. Im self employed but its a cash business so tax returns do not tell the whole story/not even close… I just need the loan for maybe a 24 months MAX. In my line of work, get paid once every 2-3 months in a lump sum so repaying the loan is not an issue whatsoever. Anyway, if you happen to have any ideas other than the ones in your video, please be so kind as to let me know. Id really appreciate it bigtime!

im still here, and i have a questions because im very new at this and i was going through credit Karma and i clicked on personal loans and i got pre-qualified for some and i did not have the best credit at the time i would have but something came up out of no were and knocked me down nearly 80 points just 5 days ago and in bit of an emergency so the quicker some one can respond the better and i love you video by the way!!! it is very knowledgeable!!! very wonderful you've earned my subscription. but i need a loan and credit Karma was suggesting that i go with this company called Personify. which i know nothing about, i will research though.

what if i recently went full time on my business & became self employed , & im seeking a "personal loan" to use other peoples money to scale my business how would the application process work being that i havent been self employed over a year ?

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