Bitcoin: Historic price and ROI depending on day, month, quarter, and year



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i think it ll be easy for bitcoin going its all time high the beginning 2019 3 grand as you said bitcoin went to 13000 4 x . now price is 7-10grand accumulating. multiply that by 4 28000-40000 dollars bitcoin is not a dream but also a reality.

You could make this more statistically valid by having the price deviation from moving average, but as always, I appreciate the content. I like that your videos have zero sensationalism, and are literally just an analysis.

Excellent analysis. I love the content, keep it coming! I see this information as something to combine with traditional TA to help make the most informed decisions when buying and selling.

This confirms trends I've noticed. I think for some odd reason miners sell some of their coins on Fridays presumably to pay overhead costs. Why this happens on Fridays, I dont know. But, I see most first coin transactions happen on Fridays (Meaning coins that have been freshly mined and recorded on the blockchain as moving to a second wallet for the first time.)

How are you calculating best day or month or quarters? Are you using something like daily UTC closing price as the entire avg price of a single day? Or a median of the days range?

Hey Benjamin. As you mentioned, averaging all the years may not be as accurate as analyzing cycles. The fact that ether and bitcoin dont have similar results (when their prices are clearly linked) makes me question how reliable this specific analysis is. Keep up the great content!

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