Bitcoin is in the perfect storm to skyrocket!!! Here’s why!!! 😁👍🏻

#Bitcoin is in the perfect storm to skyrocket! Here’s why!
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The people who have pulled off 75% of the Bitcoin bought them mainly at higher prices also so they are not going to be selling them anytime soon. Just wait until Tyler Jenks gives up on his hyperwave BS theory.

I am afraid people won’t be able to transfer their Bitcoin from the exchanges during this next bull run. I like using cash app because at least I can covert back to cash if they run out of Bitcoin.

I was going to thank your guy 'Joe' for the heads up. Was going to put in a sell for 8K today, wasn't going to wait for a week or whatever. Not taking any chances. Well, would have been nice if your guy 'Joe' had said that it was going to hit 8K in the next day or so. My income from profits gone again. Have to stop taking your guy seriously. His bad timing is too expensive.

We'll see, I'll believe when i see it, been burned too many times. When all markets are manipulated, things can turn around over night. It not until interest rates rise and rise out of control, until then be cautious.

on the one hand, Joe or TraderBoss or MyGuy, etc. . . OTOH ……?
Regardless of how high, there still needs to be ways and places to SPEND CRYPTO without converting them in to FRNs.
But would be extremely facinating if stocks and bonds and FRNs could and start to be converted into cryptos….. Hmmmmm

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