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That TA + Tether is rumored they printed 100 million Tethers a few days ago (like they did in end of May) = Another mini bull run at Tethers leisure. Tether go's to court the 29th of July and then this last run should drop, especially if found guilty. ???

Yes the pump is coming guys. Just don't do what I did in the last pump. I cashed out a little and woke up in a gutter with no pants! Take profits guys but don't get so drunk you lose your pants…please. This time I plan to wake up in a gutter with no shirt. Great video as always Chris.

unlike past bull cycles, the current bull run did not trend in the bullish channel of the mayer price band but overshot it. All cycle studies show that the current cycle to the top will be longest. So we need to rise steadily up because at this rate of growth BTC will be in the billions. By just looking at the mayer price channel my gut feeling is that it can bounce down to the oversold band.

Your information is lagging as what you showed was what kryptoKia posted on Twitter….the original source is willi woo on his site we already reached that top part…so what will happen next is a retracement

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πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ§‘ Even if we go all the way back to $4k it won't matter by the time December 2020 comes πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ§‘

Thanks for educating and pointing out very helpful resource. I'm not big into TA but that's a lack of education. I do use it to be informed regarding buy points and letting the market come to me. Over time and additional education
That may change. Not to suck up, but u and Davinci r the best info providers by taking the extra time to show and explain. It is appreciated.

Of course you cant literally see the future, and whatever I do is my own responsibility. but do you think that investing in alt coins with the little old lady method of davinci is wise right now? Would just like to know what you would do in this situation.

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