Bitcoin Price in 2020 – Where Do We Go From Here?


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Bitcoin best performing asset of the year

Irony knows no bounds as Peter Schiff pats himself on the back despite Bitcoin’s great year

Price-affecting data points

Stock to flow – worth the hype?

Backtesting Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow Model Confirms 2020 Rally

Stock to flow live model

Mike Novagrats predicts $12K next year

Alistair Milne guesses $14 pre-halving, near ATHs near end of 2021

My price prediction video from early 2018


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Novogratz as never predicted the price of BTC correctly hes the one dumping it imho tell everyone its going to 12k so that he can sell it. i can see btc going to below 3k no one is buying only selling just look at the volume to 14k you can not even see it the real volume is coming from big sells coming down classic hold my bags I hope we hit ATH like the rest of us

Actually on my daily or weekly chart stock 2 flow shows anywhere from 39K to 330K depending upon which indicator you use (of the several available). On the monthly chart its pretty much pointing just above where we are now at $7750 or so. Not sure why the disparity between daily, weekly and monthly so dramatic. Highly unlikely Trump loses the election–makes me question how much you can really trust ANYTHING Novogratz says.

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