C# Tutorial | Passy By Value and Reference

This video will give you a complete training in Passy By Value and Reference in C#

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Passing parameters by value, out or reference

using System;

class Program


public static void Main()


int n1, n2, n3;

n1 = n3 = 10;

Foo(n1, out n2, ref n3);

Console.WriteLine(n1 + ” ” + n2 + ” ” + n3);


static void Foo(int a, out int b, ref int c)



b = 20;




The argument “n2” is passed by reference to “b”, i.e. both “b” and “n2” reference to same memory and hence change made to “b” is also reflected in “n2”.

Out parameter must be initialized in the method and are generally used in situations where we want to return more than one value from the method.

Return Type Rule
If a method has return type anything other than “void”, all code paths in it must return a value.
The example below compilation error because if a==0 nothing is mentioned as return value:
static int Foo(int a)


if (a != 0)

return a;

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