Can you solve the egg drop riddle? – Yossi Elran

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The city has just opened its one-of-a-kind Faberge Egg Museum, with a single egg displayed on each floor of a 100-story building — and the world’s most notorious jewel thief already has her eyes on the prize. Can you help the thief formulate a plan that will drop the most expensive egg she can get safely into her waiting truck? Yossi Elran shows how.

Lesson by Yossi Elran, directed by Artrake Studio.

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I thought and, despite the given solution, still think that the correct approach to a problem is to divide the building into halves with each drop. So you start with the 50th floor, then, if it breaks -> 25th, if not -> 75th and so on.
This solution is obviously less precise, as if for example the egg cracks on first two throws you basically receive next to nothing information on which floor is suitable for the theft; but as it was said too many throws would be suspicious and the solution I wrote above requires twice as less throws to determine the correct floor.

First Egg: try it on the 50th floor
If it doesn't break use the Second Egg on the 75th floor
If it doesn't break, use the Third Egg on the 88th floor
If it doesn't break use the Fourth Egg on the 94th floor

If it doesn't break use the Fifth Egg on the 97th floor

If it doesn't break use the Sixth Egg on the 99th floor
If it doesn't break use the Seventh Egg on the 100th floor

If the First Egg breaks on the 50th Floor, use the Second Egg on the 25th floor


Half of 50 is 25 so I added 25 to 50, thus making 75
Half of 25 is 13 (12.5 rounded up), added to 75, thus making 88
Half of 12.5 is 6 (6.25 rounded down), added to 88 is 94
Half of 6.25 is 3 (3.125 rounded down), added to 94 is 97
Half of 3.125 is 2 (1.5625 rounded up), added to 97 is 99
Well… there's only 1 floor left to try… thus 100

So we'll need 7 egg replicas
At the 100th Floor, just swipe the original with the fake… and jump out the window while wearing a glider suit – parachute combo
Or possibly… just swipe the egg and jump out of the 100th floor wearing glider suit – parachute combo… NO REPLICA EGG NEEDED.

My Questions-

a). Why couldn’t she just carry the egg when she was coming down the rope?
b). How do all the eggs cost more when they all are the same?
c). How did no one recognise her?
d). Why did no one question and check why a truck was there?

Don’t ask me why I have soooo many questions
(I’m a 5th grader that's why)

This is an awful riddle that is exactly what I was thinking I just thought it would be kind of suspicious to drop 14 eggs from a high security building with insanely expensive knees

Solution say an egg is faulty on the phone . Disguise as an inspector and get the egg make 1 dollar counterfeit and replace do the same for every egg.

And if your savage blow up the museum when you have all eggs

If it's just an egg, I guess she can, I don't know, put it in her backpack or something so she climbs down with it? That way, she can carry multiple eggs with her from the 100th, the 99th, and so on floors

Always carry a backpack during a heist, kids

What would happen if the thief took the PERFECT REPLICA and replaced the egg she wanted to steal? She then takes her 'souvenir' back down the elevator, leaves in her getaway taxi, and no one ever knows.

You can do it with Max of 7 guesses. Cut it in half every time. 50,25,12,6,3,2,1. Start at 50 then Add or subtract depending on whether you need to go higher or lower. Works for 100, but idk about other numbers.

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