Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire

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Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire interview
“A stock trader or equity trader or share trader is a person or company involved in trading equity securities. Stock traders may be an agent, hedger, arbitrageur, speculator, stockbroker. Such equity trading in large publicly traded companies may be through one of the major stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange, which serve as managed auctions for stock trades. Stock shares in smaller public companies are bought and sold in over-the-counter (OTC) markets.” – wikipedia

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To answer some of the questions people have:

1) How'd I have 20K saved up at 18?
I Bought and resold items off craigslist, primarily iphones. Worked two jobs and I was very smart with my money and frugal and barely had any expenses at the time.

2) How'd I have such a high credit card limit?
I opened a capital one credit card at the age of 18 and used it every month and after 6 months, I requested a credit limit increase and then opened a discover account and used it every month. (Many people here need to educate themselves on credit cards and how to get a higher credit limit and ways around it)

3) "Never take a cash advance and start trading. Worst trading advice"
First i didnt do a Cash Advance, I did a BALANCE TRANSFER with a 3% fee for 18 months. Basically, you pay 3% on the money you take as a one-time fee and don't get charged interest for 18 months. (look it up). Yes, I know what I did was risky, but at the end of the day, you need to take risks to get forward in life and from what I​ see most people here look at risk at a terrible thing. I believed in my trading strategy and it was working so I needed more funds to get over the PDT rule (need 25k+ in your brokerage). I took the risks I was comfortable with taking and worked out, no one needs to take the same risks.

4) "Trading is gambling"
Trading in fact isn't gambling. You need to learn how to read price action and purchase stock whenever theres a lower risk and high profitability in play. For people that know trading understand, for the ones that dont, theres things called Moving Averages. MACD, RSI, Trends, Support, Resistance and so much more that help you align your trades.

5) I post all my trades on my IG story (IG: umarashraf) including losses and show transparency.

6) I never said I took my total brokerage account from 25K to a million. As I got better, I funded my account with more money through jobs I had and then eventually was involved in other businesses and always kept funding my account and kept living expenses to a minimum.

This is to educate people on youtube that are starting out that anything is possible. You will need to take major risks and invest TIME into whatever you may wanna do. Don't let "youtube Trolls" discourage you by showing everyone who is "successful" is either a scam, or from a rich family. People put their own insecurities on others so don't let them bring you down. Good luck to everyone trying to get ahead in life, wish you guys nothing but the best 🙂

The host is the hero , he doesn't know anything about market and asks questions about everything. This clears his doubt as well as the viewers doubt. This is awesome. Thanks very much dear host

Dont make me laugh. Few yrs ago they tube this king beer guy was so big millionaire. Only on YouTube anyone can be a millionaire for Asian pop up kickers. In a few week you dont see him anymore the millions he make for the YouTube dream gone. he ran off like the king beer guy.

More the noodle ranter is using YouTube to kill iphone awareness. when guys selling their organs to buy iphone there.

Youtube gone so diverse from looney tunes to fake advertising.

It a stage for con men to get rich

like most guy claim they making 6 or 8 figure income

i like to ask them if they can write it

most talk it but cant write it real he he

few guy put a few fake pic he (own) got fancy cars ,,,,,,,,

he dont have a driver license to begin

stay positive people…… distraction is a killer. even if he asked the question 100 times…. you might missed something at first.
stay focus …..stay positive….and attract $$$$ lol

SEC not SCC! The fact that he didn't know this means he knows next to nothing about trading and literally discredits everything about his trading experience. Good job.

This dude had literally nothing to back up any of his points. Literally just “I feel like it’s good”. Why will the market crash? “It’s extended”. Dude is just regurgitating CNN without any personal input.

Bro it is sooooo sad seeing how many people insulting the interviewer! like HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET!!! this "Millionaire" is an absolute scam…..but honestly was impressive in all of his responses. The interviewer literally just playing dumb to see how much he'll say and know when to tell him……..

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