Check your change! 2019 Lowell quarter, star notes, error coin and more!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. We just checked ours and found great stuff.

You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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I also got my first Lowell Mass 2019 P quarter today, from change at a store.

Now, what kind of wheel is that lady on the back spinning? I thought might be spinning a mag wheel for a wagon, or something, but I give up. WHAT KIND OF WHEEL IS SHE SPINNING?

I check my change, but don't always know what I'm looking for.
I'm in Phoenix, AZ. Have a couple of 2019 pennies and a quarter -anything special ?? What is a Lowell? Mine looks like a Hawaiian.

That is an awesome day! I found my first 2 West Point Lowell Quarters in a Unc. Roll from a Food Lion, and just found 20 die crack/chip Philly Lowell's out of an Unc. Roll from Wegmans. Alot of them are a horn coming from her forehead, and alot of them look like a ball of yarn in her hair. 3 of them i think had a chip in the corner of her mouth, and gave her a really weird, almost creepy looking smile. Pretty cool stuff for new coins.

Awesome treasure hunt! I was shopping on Mother's Day in Orlando FL and the lady at the register started to break open a brand new roll of quarters and just before she ripped it completely open, I seen that they were all brand new…so, I kindly asked if I could give them a 10.00 for the roll. She looked at the other lady at the register and she said sure, no problem. I have a brand new full roll of 2019 Lowell quarters!!! They were a bit curious as to why I wanted them and I told them that I collect coins and you never know what you might find in a brand new roll =D I am only "half way" through the roll, no W's yet…did the white gloves and all etc…but, what I did find is on one P coin what looks like some doubling on her pinky finger? Has anyone seen this, and are there any documented errors out about these 2019's? Can't wait to pull out the gloves and search the other half of the roll. Probably do it right now 😉 Only reason I put them up last night is because dinner was ready, then binged watched netflix LOL..Just got home so, I will let you know if there is a W in the rest of the roll =D

Congrats on a very lucky day, well earned. For those of us w/less than perfect eyesight, Im carrying a little flip 5X in my pocket or purse, for dimes, & quarter dates by the end of the day. i hope this coin hunt helps introduce new/young collectors and maybe renews some interest in coins & currency. After all, I don't believe CC/debit incentives/% could come close to the thrill of finding this amount of treasure in a single day. TYVM 4 sharing. Perhaps you'll update w/population of star notes or let us know if you decide to grade & slab a coin or two.

I have 17 Lowell Quarters from a Travelers Rest, SC bank. Bought a $500.00 box of rolls to search. Found those (all P mints) and several other beautiful quarters that I will add to my collection. Oh also, got more 2009 series than ever in my searches. Will get 2 more boxes in the coming weeks to hopefully score a "W" mintmark. I also got $1375.00 dollars in Sacajawea's, Presidential and Susan B's. Kept a few choice coins and took the rest back to the Bank.

That is so awesome that happened to you. I always check my change but I usually don't get as lucky as you do. I did find a silver quarter not too long ago. I have at least one of my sons checking his change. You will find a W quarter soon. Congrats on your finds. It is an amazing video. All the Best ~ Shirl

Wow…I cannot wait to get change. Past few days, everything I’m buying comes out to .97 etc. LOL…I almost want to add something in order to get coin back LOL. NICE HAUL

He had to go back to the hospital on Thursday something about his breathing was it right he's been there since Thursday maybe he'll come out this Friday if they can control his sugar and see how his breathing is doing we got your package on Friday and I have not opened it yet but we went in and told him it was here he thinks the world of your channel and told me a nanny to make sure that you get on one of your days that you are scheduled I'm taking his laptop to him tonight and we are going to watch you on the laptop like he says have fun and happy Hunting

Congrats on the score – that's crazy! =)

FYI, the reason your camera wouldn't focus on the proof dime is because the majority of the field of view was the table. A digital camera with auto-focus enabled will do it's best to get/keep most of the objects in focus with a bias toward the center as that's where most things people want to have clear when they take a picture. If you hold it more toward the center, the camera should bring it into focus better. This design of the auto-focus software inside your phone is present in nearly all digital cameras, whether it's a standalone camera, integrated into a computer, or those part of a phone.

What an amazing score for you two!! I'm very happy for you, as it's so well deserved!! Thank you for sharing this awesome information!! Hope you find that Quarter soon!! God Bless!! 🙂

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