CIE VideoLearn2020: L Hancock, G Jones, D Plana – Repurposing Lecture Capture for Chemistry Students

Presentation delivered by Dr. Laura Hancock, Dr. Graeme Jones & Dr. Daniela Plana (Keele University) at the Pedagogic Value of Video for Learning & Lecture Recording (CIE VideoLearn2020) event. The one-day event took place on 9th January 2020 at the University of Liverpool and was hosted by the University’s Centre for Innovation in Education.

The purpose of the day was to discuss the pedagogic value of lecture recording and video for learning, as well as begin to address some of the concerns staff may have around these areas.

Presentation Summary

Lecture capture technologies generate an extensive collection of learning resources, which can be used to support learning in various ways. We have used previously recorded lecture capture content to create a series of short resources, called ‘Lecture Highlights’, which focus on a key concept, and include fully captioned edited lecture capture videos, along with accompanying slides for note taking. We have shown these resources to be multi-purpose, acting as both pre-session material for the flipped classroom, and as revision resources, for chemistry students. Although they are not necessarily of the polished quality of a standalone screencast, they require significantly less time and effort to produce; additionally, in some of our
examples, the Lecture Highlights were produced by students who had previously studied the topics from which the recordings were taken, giving them a particular student emphasis. Here we evaluate the introduction of lecture highlights for chemistry students, which formed part of pre-session material for Team Based Learning workshops and also as revision materials. Student feedback has been generally positive, by those that have used the resources developed, describing Lecture Highlights as “the vital information of the lecture but extracted and shortened for a quick review when you need to be reminded of key concepts”, commenting that they are short and uncomplicated, thus enabling finding and understanding key information.

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