Climbing global value chain with high-tech

China is known around the world as a manufacturing powerhouse. The nation has evolved from an agriculture-based economy to the world’s factory since the reform and opening-up policy 40 years ago. China’s manufacturing sector today is bracing for the competition of the future. #70YearsThriving

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Investment in R&D is the best investment one can make. Keep innovating China, with your capacity, know-how, infrastructure connectivity and level of STEM education only the sky is the limit.

China is better of the most of everything! If China can built the thousands Mile Great Wall more than centuries without the modern tools & machinery’s, what is the problem to building China a better nation & a nation to-all for peace & prosperity🙏

It's already seen in shops: The high end clothing and shoes are now made in China, while the cheap and shoddy quality clothing is now made in bangladesh, cambodia and the cheapest of the cheapest and worst quality is made in india clothing. Stores like primark are pushing the idea of "cheap fashion" or wear once and throw away to hide the bad quality of clothing made in india. The cheap tennis shoes are made in south east asia while the expensive tennis shoes are made in China. I can say that for cars China is making the best cars, quality wise, in the world. Also the most innovative ideas of new cars like electric and autonomous are now from China. Contrary to the propaganda of anti Chinese elements, all stuff made in China were and are high quality, durable and long lasting.

By 2025 China would lead the world in manufacturing not only low-end products but also high-end as well. The reason is simple.. automation! Or in other words.. AI assisted robotics manufacturing. This is what most economists term as the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 with China and Germany the only countries in the world actively pursuing its development. Those who couldn't keep up with this would at a disadvantage by then when their products can't compete with Chinese and German products in terms of quality and affordability

Move up the value chain dear China, all Asian Tiger economies started with low end manufacturing and slowly progressed into high tech high value production. In order to achieve that.. a highly educated and disciplined workforce, smart and farsighted government strategies and policies, well developed infrastructure, peace and stability ! All are China's strong points 👍

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