COLOUR MIXING SOLUTIONS in oils – Create 3D Effects + What's on my Palette!

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Currently I am experimenting with different brands of oils as the brand I was using is not available in NZ. I have been experimenting with Williamsburg (awesome), Rublev (also awesome) and I will say at this stage I LOVE Blue Ridge Oil Paint! Check out what Eric Silver is doing:

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Andrew! Awesome job man! I even subscribed to “skillshare” buddy. You don’t have a video on “Perspective” there’s so much out there it’s overwhelming or too dry or too technical. I’d be awesome to have one w your teaching skills. Thank you

Thank you soo much for this video! Not only was your tutorial very helpful and well articulated, but those two paintings are absolutely breathtaking!
One thing you shared was how you were only given burnt umber, ultramarine blue, and titanium white to work with in the beginning. I would find it fascinating and helpful if you could do a video that showed all the different ways you used those three colors to make paintings.
Thank you again for all you contribute to the art world.

Hi Andrew, thanks so, just the cleaning alone was stellar. I've wasted so much money and damage to the environment on plastic plates. I've also always been jealous of artists with huge piles of paint piled high as they obviously never needed to clean their palettes, couldn't work out how they didn't muddy their art. Had seen the glass shelf before but didn't want to use chemicals cleaning it off. I'm off to the tip to get a fridge shelf and the $2 shop to get the baby wipes. Thanks so much 🙂 Pam

Absolutely enchanting to watch these videos, just incredible craftsmanship on display at such a high level. Stellar communication combined with immense knowledge is just fantastic!

Thank u soo much andrew sir….this video help me alots ….sir make another 2nd part and define detail about green colour light or dark…… Im so confused about this colour light or dark shades of trees and grass so plz make video…. Im very thank full too u …love form Pakistan…

I’ve been making a journal with swatches of mixed colors. Using one type of yellow on one page, and mixing it with my different reds, and different blues. And another  page of each of my other yellows doing the same. I did a whole page yesterday of different colors mixed with phtalo Green. And another page with blacks I mixed using different colors. This will be a nice reference when starting my paintings. I work in acrylics.

Yet again a brilliant and clearly explained set of ideas worthy of use in any studio.
The one thing I am struggling with in my painting just now is where to make "lost and found" edges to my subjects. In my constant aim to get that realism in my paintings I am always painting the subjects as the shapes I see but when I skwint my eyes to try and work out which shapes have hard edges and which have soft edges fading into the back ground either the identification of the subject is lost or my eyes are dancing around the subject automatically trying to focus on what it is. Are there any guidelines to follow to choose which edges to lose (is it the further away edges of the subject? Or maybe making the edges random?) and which to find. I know it won't be an exact science but some help towards my goal would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gosh I love your set up I would love to have this kind set up! SO CREATIVE LOVE IT!!!!!!! I enjoyed this so much I just painted on a window never though about painting the back !THANK YOU FOR THE TIPS! Thumbs up Annie I paint a little on my channel nothing like yours but love your channel!

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