COME THRIFT WITH ME FOR 2020 ESSENTIALS | try-on thrift haul & styling thrifted clothes

Yay! Another thrift haul! I wasn’t actually planning on going thrifting this week but I needed some “thrifting therapy” so I went to my favorite Value World in Cleveland and HERE WE ARE! I am happy I did though because I found some incredible pieces that I can’t wait to style! I hope you enjoy this come thrift with me and try-on thrift haul! Let me know what you have been thrifting lately! Lots of love! xoxo

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ive got so many great things lately my thrift store has dollar tag day boy did i score like 17 things for 21 dollars i got 2 sweatshirt jackets that i love plus a lot of shirts for a dollar than i went on half off day and got like 13 items for 26 bux and got such amazing pieces i got another turtle neck and some cool graphic tees oh and i got this pretty mint green sweater i really scored some great pieces

I like using postmark to sell and buy! It's pretty nice because prices are USUALLY pretty freaking reasonable and it's easy township with a label and I feel there is more of a quicker sell on there vs. Depop too 😁💕

Love your reason for shopping- "thrifting therapy". I was also admiring your gold necklace. So gorgeous. That red quilted jacket is very beautiful. Did you check the inside to see if there is a button there? Otherwise, your idea would also work. I'm glad you didn't get the light blue blazer – the sleeves looked a little too short for you, unless you always kept them pushed up. But that light blue sweater was gorgeous and looked good on you. Why didn't you buy it? I like how you tried on those purses. I don't think I do that but it sure makes sense. Just wondering – when you go shopping do you consider your undertone and Kibbe type? I can tell by the way you were moving that you really liked that skirt. That skirt is gorgeous, lucky you.

Thanks for your inspiration I was having as stressed day and ya that's what I do go thrifting when I'm stressed it makes me feel good that at the same time I'm giving back to the community

I love the wool skirt. Just an FYI wool tends to shrink when washed. I found that out the hard way when I washed something in cold water rather than dry cleaning it, I was never able to wear it again. PS you looked great in everything!

U got a lot of good items but why didn't you get the chasmine sweater with the pastel blazer that you showed. I really like that especially when you put them together but I know we can't get everything and self control is key. The cords fit you really nice. I do sale on poshmark just because it easy and convenient. Its also the only site I've tried.

Hi Jenny. Another successful thrift trip. I agree you can't beat thrifting to beat the blues, de-stress etc! Everything you purchased is gorgeous but that Austrian skirt is a show stopper. Looks so pretty on you. I too love anything linen. Great score. Look forward to your next thrifting video. Cheers and keep smiling! 😊💗

Always good to see you Jen , I agree and I thought at one point you had a site that you sold your personal pieces . I know that it's time consuming but maybe you can find a intern or student , maybe someone who can also sew buttons . Haha Tfs Carry-on Mary

“Thrifting is better than alternatives, like doing hard drugs.”

I’m pretty sure there’s probably a few steps between those two things, but better safe than sorry! I totally relate 😜

Edit: In terms of reselling (from personal experience), Poshmark is a lot of work but can be quite fruitful over time. Haven’t tried Depop, but I just started on Mercari yesterday, and I’ll at least say it’s a TON less work than Poshmark (no following, no sharing, they do automatic price drops, etc.). Etsy’s probably best for specifically vintage, though I have only bought from them, not sold (yet).

If I were you, I’d take advantage of the following you’ve already grown and just start your own site! No percentages will be taken out (though you’ll have to pay to host it, of course), you can more easily set your own shipping prices, and again, you can take advantage of the audience you already have! You could always do a combination of any or all sites/options, just keep up on your inventory/remove listings on other sites as needed!

I wish you luck in whatever you try, and look forward to checking out wherever you list on! 😁

Hi Jenny, I just found your channel and I must say I LOVE YOUR STYLE. Have you thought of carrying Windex wipes to clean the dirty mirrors? The spots are distracting especially when the camera focuses so often on them!

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