Compliance Is A Decent Strategy With Varying Results

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… Mexico; poor guy. Total compliance, yet a simple comment was sufficient enuf for some lame wannabe to end his life. Have they been apprehended yet? Justice must be done. Revenge would work for me as well….

God all mighty that infuriated me to see that senseless murder. That’s death penalty here in Texas. I worked it every day for years handling these idiots on death row. Hope they catch him.

Firstly, thanks for this video and your unsurpassed commentary, John.
RE: Spiritual Fitness
I think an important aspect of spiritual fitness for us all to consider is this: Trying to live in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to speak to us — to warn, guide, strengthen, and otherwise help us in (or even keep us away from) dangerous circumstances like deadly-force encounters.

How do each of us live such a life? I think that's up to the individual to work out with the Lord.

Always have your weapon ready jic you need to shoot a scumbag robber….And never completely comply because that has been played over and over in these videos that complete compliance isn't a way out of danger. You can comply until death or you can risk death by fighting and taking that chance. If America was built on compliance it would be handing over everything because of fear. Stand strong and fight. Its a win no matter what. Plus those weak people that want to act tough will hesitate on the next urge to walk into a Store and Rob the next person.

I have a feeling the last video was a cartel group. Low level people probably. Shooting the man was for disrespect. Especially in Hispanic communities, being macho is a core tenant. However it’s not JUST that. Fear is the main goal, but the initializing factor was that the clerk didn’t just let himself get hit in the head. Comply fully or don’t comply at all. Very sad outcome😔😭


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