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that's true with me too, the difference was that the day I decided to help and be in the service of people I didn't do it for any take-back or making the relationship better, I was impressed by somebody who was giving more than taking and I told myself one day I will give more than I take just because of the joy of giving even if there is nothing in it for me, and after doing it for some time I noticed I think about people more , I listen to them more , I won't do thing that hurt them , so , these days I'm practicing it

Oh man, I love the visuals on this video! I can tell that PGI is committed to maintaining relatability with the younger generation, and I appreciate that deeply.

Edit: And thanks so much for putting me on Brian Linehan! Started watching his videos now, and it's so obvious how present and empathetic he is.

99% of people won’t see this comment, If you’re apart of the 1% that does…..

I just wanted to say that I hope you have a great day/night and that all of your dreams become a reality! 🙌

Here’s to spreading more love around here!

I just joined a couple days ago, and I like it so far.

Such a great way to approach relationships (in this video): just try to serve others, focus all of your attention on them and make them feel better.

So basic but so good👍

Also Bob and Sandy and team:


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