Dallas Cowboys Trade Rumors: 6 Players Who Could Be Dealt Ft Trysten Hill, Amari Cooper, Tyron Smith

Cowboys trade rumors around some players the Dallas Cowboys could explore trading this NFL off-season. These Cowboys trade candidates won’t all be dealt and none of them might be, but players like Trysten Hill, Amari Cooper, Tyron Smith, Dak Prescott and more are discussed.

The Cowboys have two tag-and-trade options in Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey mentions both, but only one makes a ton of sense. That’s Amari Cooper, who despite the Cowboys giving up a 1st round pick for him, could still be moved by Dallas if the price is right.

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Trysten Hill has been a bust so far, so could the Cowboys cut bait after one season? And if they were, what would they even get for him? Trade value and the NFL Trade machine also doesn’t bode well for Tyrone Crawford due to his salary.

Cowboys Trade Rumors could also include Tyron Smith and Chidobe Awuzie. There’s a segment of Cowboys fans who want to move on, but is that the right move for the Cowboys? What’s the proper trade value and trade package for those players?

Here’s the list of Cowboys Trade Candidates:
– Trysten Hill
– Amari Cooper
– Tyron Smith
– Tyrone Crawford
– Dak Prescott
– Chidobe Awuzie

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Trade/cut T. Smith, why? He may not be able to move like he once used to, but my guy is a top 10 LT possibly still top 5, y’all need to stop lol
I’m back & forth about Coop, it’s what he’s willing to do to stay with the team, but they need to try to get D4K @ 35M so they can tag Coop & package him for Stefon Diggs from MINN, I rather have B. Jones

I was laughing awhile back Tom asked who was more of a bust. T. Hill or C. McGovern. People were saying McGovern. Which is hilarious cause he was out all season with an injury. Hill was healthy and still couldn’t dress out for games :’D

Not every team over pays Qb''s, Wilson, Rodgers, Roethlisberger and Brees, are not overpaid but Goff, Wentz and M. Ryan and Stafford are overpaid and their teams suffer for it, no matter what Mahomes, Jackson, and Watson gets it want be overpaying, but 35-40 mil per year for Dak will prevent the Cowboy's from ever winning a super bowl

The comments on Tristan Hill are just stupid. It was a kid in his rookie year! At least give the kid a chance to go through the maturation process. He came from a relatively small school and its a big jump to the NFL. What if we would've got rid of Demarcus Lawrence in his first year? Hell his first three years? Stop over reacting.

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