Distinguishing Right from Wrong – Episode 13 –  Contentment from Revelation – Mufti Menk

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Subhanallah a great reminder …. We only remember Allah in difficulties but than also he help us he s.w.t is ar rehman rehim gaffur gaffar….😇💖

I am so grateful to perceive Mufti Menk as a man who is constantly trying to improve himself as a person. You can tell he has improved his way of delivering da'wah to us, and this is why Allah swt has blessed his speech and we can all benefit. May Allah swt keep your heart firm and sincere Mufti.

Assalamu alaikoum brothers and sisters! 🙂

Salaam masha'allah this is a very good advice.. I love you mufti menk. For the sake of Allah. I listen to him every day. I learned so much from. My favorite mufti menk

As-salāmu ʿalaykum Everyone, i am new converted to Muslim Alhamdullilah and still learning more about Islam, my first year to fast this Ramadan and your teaching helps me a lot. May Allah (SWT) gives you more strength and power to share everything we need to know.

This is A Powerful Reminder!! Masha Allah! Please Mufti Menk , can you speak with The Chairman of the Islamic Research Foundation “IRF" Sheikh Aref Nahdi of Tanzania 🇹🇿 To kindly open an Islamic Law School of yours and enroll some students? Hafidh Qur'an as well? !😳

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