Does It Still Hurt When You Lose?

Does It Still Hurt When You Lose?? Patrick Bet-David covers this topic in this episode of Monday motivation to start your week. Subscribe for weekly updates

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It always hurts to lose. It always feels great to win. However, you don't learn from winning. You don't learn from success. You learn from losing, and you learn from failure. By experiencing failure, you can turn it into sustained success.

Losing isn't fun but it's a part of life. You're not gonna win everytime. Seems like now days, grown ups are pampering our kids when they lose a baseball or hockey playoff they still give out participation trophies. I never gotta trophy when I was a kid unless you at least placed 2nd or 3rd. And believe me,, those trophies didn't mean alot because ofcourse, I wanted to win the whole thing ya know.

I have honestly gotten used to losing , I grew up poor and I became very accustomed to being poor and to losing.
When growing up poor to put it in understandable terms , you cant do most of the things you want to do ,
Hobbies, bicycles doing most fun things cost money. So you start to feel like you aren't living life, you are just here , watching, watching the people born to families of means live life.
And that rolls right into adulthood ,
You see others with cool cars , and others with great careers , and you just took a job to get by.
I'm at late study it has taken me many years to learn those lessons and I am still learning.
I have made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions, when I was younger which has made it harder. So even now im 42 and I will see others with nice motorcycles and Campers , or taking there kids on trips to Disneyland, ya know the cool fun stuff. That I wish I could do.
That I haven't been able to do yet.
And I feel like they are living, and I'm just watching.
But I started a business this past April that is going well , and I'm reading educational books and watching things like Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David
So hopefully I'm going in the right direction.
Also it's not only immigrants that grow up poor or with a bad start in life , it can happen right here in the good old USA to.

Nobody wants to lose, but only betas get "hurt" from losing. Alphas are winners who shake a lose off and charge back in head first. Also, upload the Sammy interview, goddammit.

Pat I don't know about beating a goliath in real life but most of (us)them know what it is to beat a goliath in a game it takes so much time that's unbelievable, but pat after beating a goliath things start falling loose what to do then??

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