DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone but I think most people would be better off spending their cash an a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. If you’ve got the cash for the Note 8 you’ll be happy with it but your dollar goes a lot further if you spend it on a Galaxy S8 or S8+.

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Why some people cry foul when Samsung phone like this – even though they are far more innovated – came out at such price? We know that no phone anywhere can come close to Galaxy phones in terms of innovations. Apple sell you abstract phones with higher price and no one is crying foul

trying to figure out how to hide my number because my note 8 isnt like everyone else, saw this video saying not to buy note 8, slowly strolled on in here to say, I'm not watching your video ya YouTube critic. and before you thank me, your welcome for the comment. peace bitches. drops mic

Watching this in 2019 while thinking of trading in my tired old S7 Edge — right now in the UK the S8+ and Note 8 are around the same price.

I can't lie, I would be satisfied with this note since it's the most current samsung meaning it's up to date with the times. I will be purchasing one in september on amazon now that the prices rapidly dropped. I could care less about the new note 10 since it'll be too expensive. With me it's all about getting good deals & still having money to spend for other things.

I absolutely love my Note 8, its just the battery life I hate.. My hands are big enough to be able to operate it once handed and with the One UI and Android 9, its a great device and the only device I have ever owned where I never had the need to Root.. But it's next to impossible for that anyway..

The thing is, you can find a video telling you not to buy every phone that has came out. Can't find an honestly true review. I've had my not 8 for 2 years now and have to had any issues except for the Android updates (software) that have bugs every now and then. As far as the phone (hardware) itself, no issues.

I have been waiting since the note 4 for another soled note phone. And the note 8 finally arrived and you're saying don't buy one?

Everyone should definitely buy this phone! At the time of release is was twice as nice as any other phone.

Find me a phone with SD card support that is as nice as this phone?

Okay quit bitching. The note 8 is worth getting

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