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In this episode of The Melanated Files (MFiles) we introduce Jason Gatewood, an American University Teacher and Journalist living in Japan. Listen as Jason shares his experience living in Japan for almost eighteen years as well as offload a wealth of knowledge on how to learn Japanese. Watch to hear his story.

You can find Jason on Instagram and Twitter here: @starrwulfe

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The Melanated Files or the MFiles is a Black Experience in Japan’s series that highlights black people living in Japan. It focuses on sharing the story of the individual; who they are; what they do; what they are passionate about; and what their experience has been so far, as a black person living in Japan.

Melanated is a word that is regularly used in the black community. It means “full of melanin.” Files is in reference to the collection of stories of black people in Japan that will be shared in this series.

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Thanks for watching and thanks to Ranzo for giving me the chance to share my experience on his channel!
The outpouring of positive and inquisitive comments here are great! (I'm used to YouTube comments being a dumpster fire usually so forgive my jadedness.) Some of you have questions about life in Japan, and I've got a YouTube (and IGTV) channel, so I think I'll start vlogging again if y'all want me too. Nothing fancy though, just me walking and talking to my phone looking bonkers to the natives here I'm sure. Let me know what you want me to talk about by giving me a shout at youtube.com/starrwulfe, twitter.com/starrwulfe and instagram.com/starrwulfe.
You can also check out my website, jlgatewood.com where I’ll be posting some of these Q&A about JapanLife in the new year as well.
Once again, thanks for watching, and please get out and see the world and let it see you!

I love Japan for the energy it has, the remedy for forever young at heart.
There’s always something to learn.
As a Burmese visiting Japan for artist residency, I found that Japanese culture is what our culture has preached, dreamed of and it is like the perfect disciplined version of Burmese in common sense.
Everybody is most of the time very polite, great listeners with utmost respect during conversations and most importantly the communities run with honor which kept the crime levels down.
If I have a chance, I would definitely love to move there one day just because there are so many things to learn there from all the enthusiasm and passion they have for everything that they do.
I think we also have the same issue in our country against foreigners in some cases but I have some very close foreign friends in my community and they have always been as part of us as our brothers and sisters.
I would say we all have to respect the culture we’re interacting with, only then you’ll be a part of it.
We are all human beings no matter what the skin color we have.
I play jazz and I see life as a real time improvisation where I have to be fully aware of me and my surroundings.

最初の方しか見なかったけど。 どうやら彼は日本人の(流行り物好き、流行の変化の激しさ)に翻弄されちゃったみたいだね。

I thought he was mixed AA & Asian from the get go.. He's looking more and more Japanese as the video progresses. Lots of respect for moving to a totally different culture. I spent many summers visiting Europe alone. Totally changed me.

This is racist… “OMG we’re all black let’s make a channel for just us all, not American just black even tho we have no culture it’s all American” so tired of black racist supremacists…

Fantastic…thanks so much for this report. I live in Berlin,Germany, and speak german,read german, and so on. I cant say im fluent but i really enjoy the diversity of being able to understand some things in the German context, while having at anytime the chance to use my knowlkedge of german. I am a musician, designer, and actor…Your reprot was spot on…as the british say….

Is it safer than larger US Cities? The people seem more polite and reserved. It would be nice to live in a larger city and not have to be strapped all the time!

Great video, Great Guy.
If you have enough Energy, you can be kind to everybody . . .if you are able to help people, and get into helping to the point where you experience sort of a Giggling enjoyment when you successfully help, it's sort of like Immortality . . .

🌴🎽Woohoo just ordered my BEJ racer back tank top & comfort T-shirt…and when I finally make it 2 Japan, I will definitely have BOTH packed in my carry-on! Goals!👕🌴

Thank you brother. I always believed that true journanalism has alwaysbeen a subsitute to Justice. Where the system fails. and I also travel as much as possible. Learning about different peoples and cultures brings people together

Everybody keeps saying he is articulate and well-spoken, like they are surprised, I didn't see many comments about the content, just on the way he spoke. He is actually speaking regular English, he is also educated and has traveled and lived in another country for years, how did you expect him to speak? Even within our own community (Black community) we hold on to outdated stereotypes as well. You guys need to expand your circles if your in awe by the way he speaks, really.

Well that was confusing, he has a really good job and likes the place but is telling black people not to come. He also mentioned that out of 26 foreign people he knew only 5 were black. Seems like the majority of foreigners in Japan are black. Again, confusing.

If you had a bad experience the chances are you probably behaved in a way that was unfavorable to the community. Don’t blame racism for EVERYTHING. Take some responsibility.

sorry buddy, you might be whiter presenting than most blacks, but any such prejudice you suffer in america is because of the low standard of behavior of your racial kin. lets ask asian shop owners in america their opinions of blacks in america.

its funny how asians are 10 times more racist to blacks than whites and yet when someone mentions it asians gangs up on him claiming that "asians dont rly mean that" "different culture" etc.

After visiting 5 cities in Japan now, I would agree with this individual. Tokyo for sure is a must see for anyone with an interest in Japan, but extremely overrated in my opinion. There are smaller cities that have just as much to offer, perhaps more, depending on your lifestyle.

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