‘Drone pilot’ becomes official profession in China as industrial demand for flights soars

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China has added “drone pilot” to a list of nearly 19,000 official professions in the country.

The move comes as the value of China’s drone-related services market was expected to grow to more than US$2 billion by 2020, with the devices increasingly used by industries ranging from agriculture to entertainment.

The decision to add drone pilots to the list was also expected to lead to more regulation of the profession.

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Aerial videos shot with drones are the way to go. It eliminates the need to hire helicopters and aerial photographers/videographers which is extremely expensive. Next thing you know, production companies are hiring drones to shoot scenes for blockbuster movies

The Chinese shunned new technologies and got humiliated for 100 years. Now it seems the West is doing the exact thing by not accepting 5G citing health issues and cyber security threats. 100 years of humiliation down the road?

The Chinese people are embracing new technologies with a vengeance just look at their mobile payments now constituting half of the world's total volume of transactions while westerners on the other hand are still a bit sceptical about cyber security and lost of jobs.

America is doom, communist China n Vietnam n Russia and Cuba N. Korea are way ahead superpower, hahahah. See, this is what real big Americans are missing out due to too prejudice against Asians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, communist, immigrants etc. .. to live, shop, invest, school, work, educated n play freely n fairly with equal numbers with whites too in west, America, iahiahiah, iahiahiah. Instead about collapsed.

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