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when that girl talked about her husband and what she wanted to do with the records made me start crying cause i remember my dad who pasted on. he had a lot of records and we didn't know what to do with them. we found out my uncle my mom's brother collects them no matter if he likes the bands or not. so we gave them to him. then one day he married a not so nice lady who is mean to his 2 kids and though her daughter did no wrong and should get everything and his kids got nothing. don't know why he is still with her. anyways when he married her and moved in with her she made my uncle sale almost everything that was his so he hardly had anything with him when he moved witch was not right and one of the ideas was the records and that always upset me and that was 11 almost 12 years ago when my dad pasted.

Hey Clint love your videos just wanted to let you know that Suzi Quatro played leather on Happy Days she's amazing. Again , I love your videos I watch them all the time keep on doing what you do you're amazing. take care God bless. Jenny from Minnesota~😊👍✌

franchise did u watch Monday night raw 7/29 maria kanellis in the 24/7 champion. she had mike kanellis lay on the floor after he got back to the locker room after winning the title. and she pinned him

Renee Geyer is not all that well known here either, she has a wonderfully different voice, I think you may enjoy her, extremely under rated.. AEW sign awesome.

I’d really like to get into wrestling again but I think the thing that got me into it back during the attitude era with the rock and stone cold was that they had big personalities and cool story lines. I’m sure that some of the stuff you watch is cool but I wouldn’t even know where to start and I don’t really know any of the names. For example I know you talk about Kenny omega a lot but I’ve honestly never heard of him and Don’t even know what company he wrestles for

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