Fable: The Little Red Hen from Speakaboos

Perfect for the Fall. Enjoy the Little Red Hen today.

When the little red hen finds leftover wheat grains on the ground, she decides to plant them so she can have wheat to make bread. She turns to the pig, the cat, and the duck for their help, to which they all reply no. She asks their help again when it’s time to harvest the grain, take it to the mill, and bake the bread, but to each request they say no. When she asks if they would like to eat the freshly baked bread, they all reply, yes. But since they didn’t help her along the way, she reminds them how they didn’t help to make it, and enjoys it all by herself!

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Loved this story as a kid. What I always thought it meant was: You can't depend on anyone but yourself. If you want something done, do it yourself. And then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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