Fabulous Passive Family Eco-House – made from 100% free and recycled materials!

Just a bit of silliness for a change. I don’t know whether you always need to buy something big (and then throw it away) so you get to keep the cardboard box, or perhaps you can buy them empty somewhere – either way surely everyone needs one of these fun and friendly play houses : – )

We were going to make a serious video about the merits of safe, enclosed spaces for therapy sessions (as well as for fun, of course). Because we’re convinced they are of huge value to people of all ages. They help you shut out the big scary world for a while in a physical space that feels secure even though it’s really not. Play tents in the garden, blankets and towels hung over the table, even a huge paper bag, all would do the job. Try it for yourself one day, on your own or with a friend. Anyway, as I said, we WERE going to make that video – but in the end it seemed like too much work and this one was more fun and might get the message across just as well..

Thanks to Finn and Ursula, Annie, Trudi and Turnip – you’re always a pleasure to be around.

Thanks also to R-Tech engineering for the brilliant box in the first place. (The thing that was inside was pretty good too!). https://www.r-techwelding.co.uk/

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Sandra & Tim

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You just have to love when a construction project comes in under budget and exceeds its expectations! Hats off to the architects and the construction crew for a job well done!

I recently had a refrigerator delivered and was so looking forward to a big box to play in with my kids. Imagine my disappoinment when my fridge came wrapped in plastic! The delivery guys could see how sad I was and they kindly went and got a different box off their truck for us!

I was going to build myself an igloo this winter but somehow that didn't quite work out due to a shortage of required materials here in The Netherlands. This could be a real alternative and probably more durable too…

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