Fake ABS ? 2019 Yellow NS200 First Ride Review | RED 2019 DOMINAR in Bangalore!!!!

DOMINAR 400 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hwET…

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I am 5 feet 9 inch tall , using 2017 mdl NS since last October. Its a fantastic machine no arguments. But when I was doing a RJ , PB ride from kerala my legs especially the ankle side and knee are getting sprained and need to straighten the legs frequently during the ride. In my opinion its not designed for tall people with long legs. But you said its a comfortable bike for a 6 feet guy.😕

Sir.! Your Review is very Good and Usefully and may one important think i love NS200 but i want Fuel injection system when to launch in india to FI version.?😢 I will bought this one after 2months.!

The only thing that concerns me is that these bikes being tested by multiple YouTubers/reviewers with the console locked. These already ruined motorcycles are sold to general customers.

Killer looks… And awsome sexy 😘😘😘😘 bike pulsar ns 200.i love this bike
Guys pls tell me who r using this bike… Pls do comment here….
About maintenance cost

I'm using NS 200 since 14 months (15000 kms) and there is not even a single issue in the bike. Gear shifts are butter smooth, power delivery is great, Maintenance is cheap, Engine is really really smooth after switching to Motul 7100 oil.
It is definitely better than FZ 25 & apache 200.
I strongly recommend this bike in 200 cc segment.

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