Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers

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When you go to a fast food joint, you’re not asking for much: a fast, filling meal at a decent price, and… that’s about it. But sometimes you don’t even get that. So the next time you hit up your local drive-thru for dinner, take a close look at your receipt. Here’s a look at some times that fast food restaurants cheated customers…

Burger King’s Croissan’wich | 0:19
McDonald’s Extra Value Meals | 1:04
Chipotle’s calories | 1:48
Dunkin’ Donuts’ imposter ingredients | 2:41
Jimmy Johns’ sprout fiasco | 3:44
McDonald’s fry cheat | 4:23
Subway’s great “footlong” debate | 4:48

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ay fucking subway WHEN I GET A TUNA SANDWHICH I WANT TO EAT TUNA AND NOT JUST BREAD and when u ask oh can i gwt a little mrore because theres just bread i mean u couldnt even spred it all over the bread says oh its gonna be extra lile wtf i got a tuna sandwhich not a bread sandwich

Just think…all those subway people wldve gotten a settlement except for ONE greedy stupid cunt that thought they deserved the world forca fucking inch of bread….thats the american mentality these days

I hate how if you're unsatisfied at Subway with the ring and a half of sliced green pepper, the jerk looks at you like he's being totally fair. You ask for a little extra (not meat, veggies) and he acts like u asked him for a kidney!

😂😂 Judge threw out the Subway lawsuit. Over 25yrs ago when I had my first job at McDonald's my manager emptied out a fry I had prepared and said, that's a pound of potatoes! He then taught me the proper way to fill the fries by pinching the carton before applying the fries.

Your right! Because McDonalds food isn't quilt like it was before, there quarter pounders used to be bigger than it is now, there Mac's sandwich when I used to make them the burgers didn't fit the bun, now it looks like the bun court up with the burger. There fish sandwich just isn't the same any more, it just taste funny. There fries never a full box and if you tell them to put more fries in there they will charge you for more. And I am sick to my stomach when you asked for more sauce for your nuggets, you will pay for extra sauce wow!

Worked at Jimmy John's from 2017-2018 and we had to cancel sprouts because some sprout farm in the country had a salmonella problem. We put white tape over every mention of "sprouts" on the menu I believe and also let every customer know vocally that they weren't getting sprouts and the reason why.

Please tell me ppl know not to get a Whopper jr ($2.19). It's a cheese burger ($1.00) stg. You pay an extra dollar for condiments you can add to the cheese burger. Not to mention if you add cheese to a Whopper jr. 😂😂 Omg now it's $2.50 and you could've just edited your cheese burger with your choice of condiments for only $1.00

No your a cunt. If it say footlong and its only 11 and not 12 im gonna be pissed off. I’ll re open the lawsuit. Im gonna check footlong and 6 inch. I’ll repost it 24 hours with photos before toasted and after

For the fast food joints…
I usually avoid them. But I've found it varies from place to place. Some McDonald's, for example, are Nazis with stupid stuff like dipping sauces. The folks I go to will throw all the dipping sauce you want into the bag! Same with Popeye's here in town… VERY generous and friendly. But I know that ain't everywhere!

It's not really scamming.
It's being an informed consumer vs an ignorant idiot. Anyone who's bought (or sold) a soft drink on the run knows the cup costs more than the beverage. That's why MCDONALDs and 7-11s can sell bladder buster beverages so cheap.

We were in to mds Friday and two women ordered a meal and s large coffee .drank the coffee and went up to the pop fountain and filled their coffee cup 3 times and sit their big fat asses down and drank them down and went back to the fountain and filled up again and walked out.we see people stealing napkins and pop I guess it works both ways.people drive up and take a coffee cup out of the garbage and go to the counter for a refill.i always fold my cup up before I throw it in the trash..I dont know how small company's stay in business with trashy people drinking out of someone else's dirty cups.

Yeah, I notice the fast food places cheating with food amount like French fries…giving
Smaller serving size…I was pissed one time bought one of
The Mexican chorizo burrito took home and found out it has no meat in it just potato and egg, $7.00 bucks for the damn thing has no chorizo meat just the favorite, OMG!
I was going back to complain but never want to go back there again 😠 some of the fast food or restaurants serving are not honest what they serve treated the customers like dummies…😡

the mcd value meal thing is real. i work there and see the price differences ALL. THE. TIME. please watch out for special sales and your total amount. most workers are too dumb to notice the price change or even care to look at the price.

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