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Christa Orecchio is a clinical and holistic nutritionist and founder of The Whole Journey, a private nutrition practice and informational website established to help people live healthier, happier, and more energetic lives through whole food nutrition, quality supplementation, and healthy lifestyle guidance. Christa’s goal is to holistically heal chronic health concerns from the root cause, in lieu of addressing individual symptoms. She also focuses on elements that nourish other than food, including honest and open relationships, a meaningful spiritual practice, a career or creative outlet that inspires, and physical activity that is enjoyable.

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I just completed the whole 30 diet today actually. No Dairy, no alcohol, nothing processed, no soy, no legumes, no added sugar, no additives, no sodium nitrates, no gluten, no wheat and no artificial sweeteners. My weight was around 285lbs two years ago. 30 days ago, before I started the whole 30 diet, I had gotten down to 225lbs and plateaued there.

Now, after doing the #whole30 diet, I lost 15 lbs and almost as good of shape as I was back in basic training at the age of 18. I am now 32.

I ate nothing but real food: of mostly fats: eggs 4-6/a day (and my cholesterol levels have lowered), avocado- one a day, nuts, oils 2-3 tsp's day) and meat (beef and chicken, about a cup a day) with at least one banana each day. Sweet potatoes and bananas were my only source of carbs and sugar. I am guessing I have high insulin resistance.

If veganism/vegetarianism works for you then great. Do it. I'm tired of hearing people say only such n such works. That's stupid. Everyone's body is different and everyone's body changes. I now do intermittent fasting and only eat 2.5 meals a day in a 6-8 hour window when I USED to eat 6 meals a day all the day when I first started losing weight.

Let's lose the pious and self righteous talk about which diet is better and let's see what actually happens when you actually do it. Like Christ Orecchio said, food is medicine and different people require a different prescription. Try different things. Learn to listen to your body as I have. I lift nearly every day and enjoy my strength so animal protein is a necessity for me since beans disrupt my digestion and they are complete proteins anyways. Sure, many vegans are small but I've seen a lot of fat ones too… LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND EAT REAL FOOD…


This is a GREAT talk! Thank you! Just wish there was not such echo drowning it out!
Can a clear copy be uploaded?
Not holding my breath for change…health care STILL struggles to get staff to comply with hand-washing!
In a cookie-cuter mentality for business, there is dissonance with so many not responding as intended to 'one size fits all'. Docs rarely consider sizing drug doses to the age and weight of the patient. But, there will always be variations on who needs how much of what, to heal.
We must overcome the limited mentality that only drugs, surgery or radiation can "cure", and consider the person as a whole, not the sum of their parts. We need to improve our paradigms.
Modern medicine has been schizophrenically divorced from nutrition as a cure for ills, for about 100 years. Yet, Nutrition absolutely has bearing on mental/emotional health; all health. Alternative medicine practitioners have always known and used it, though without knowing exactly, relative to mental health.
Modern medicine is just barely starting to catch up to the notion of nutrition as a healing modality.
Modern medicine will only follow-up on using nutrition to cure or maintain better health, if really good studies they accept, are done repeatedly.
Studies also need to be replicable.
Probiotics are also implicated; studies show this; more are being done.

Mineral nutrients are generally still in the soil; but those are "locked" there, as long as the things needed to transform them into forms the plants can absorb, are missing: worms, bacteria, etc. Nutrients are missing from foods for several reasons [not a complete discussion]:
1. Chemicals used to prep the ground and mature plants, and force plant growth, kill the worms, bugs and bacteria in the dirt, along with other unwanted plants. Those organisms help stabilize nutrients in the dirt, and move those into the food plants.
2. Common fertilizers generally put back only 3 main ingredients necessary to grow what appears as viable food plants: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium {N,P,K]. These grow cosmetically nice produce, but lack adequate other nutrients due to #1.
3. GMO'ing food, adds and subtracts factors which those developing them, apparently have failed to consider the long-range collateral damages of. To be clear,GMO = gene-splicing, often of disparate species.
GMO is NOT the same as speeding up what might be a natural evolution of the plant or animal [like Mendel's peas], though the GMO industries like to confuse public into thinking it's the same.
4. Food produce is stripped of nutrients which cause food products to spoil. If germs and bugs won't eat it, and it doesn't break down into compost readily, it's also unfit for human consumption!
5. Foods are over-processed, to make them 'instant', or conveniently packaged for quick use, and increased shelf-life.
6. More people depend on 2nd-hand food sources…out-dated, or end of shelf-life foods, due to low income, which means they are most vulnerable of all to malnutrition.
7. Docs stopped diagnosing nutritional deficiencies unless the symptoms are so flagrant, they cannot be ignored; i.e., rickets turned into other diagnoses which only describe symptoms; laundry lists of mental ills, skin ills, neurological ills, but no diagnosis of B-deficiencies; Osteoporosis,muscle spasms and cardiovascular ills, , but not magnesium and trace mineral deficiencies; GERD, morning sickness and hyper-emesis gravidarum, but not H.Pylori overgrowth or digestive enzyme deficiency; Alzheimer's, instead of Spongiform Encephalitis; …etc.
8. Animals grown in close-quarters, fed GMO feed, pumped using hormones and drugs and chemicals, result in sick animals, which provide poor nutrition as well as residues of all the chemicals in it. Animals forced to grow fast, also means they don't live long enough to exhibit signs of Spongiform Encephalitis; if the veal cattle or other young cattle do, they are euphemistically called "downer cows", and butchered early..none know how many of those enter the human food chain. I theorize this infection takes slightly different forms depending what animals it is infecting; it HAS crossed-species many times.
[Yes, S.E. has been in the USA for almost 100 years, at least, though it has different names in different animals; there's been malfeasant cover-ups catering to preserving related industry's bottom lines.]
With all that, it's truly a wonder that we've reached over 7 billion people on the planet, and threatened with yet more drastic increases.
But what quality of humans are being bred? Farmers have more often taken greater care to breed better cattle, while humans breed mostly indiscriminately.
Wonder what's to become of humans, at this rate of errors in planning and implementation?

Chicken?? Grassfed butter and oils?? Nothing wrong?? What the actual fuck !! Goddamn promoting solidified bovine secretion and you're afraid of keeping the hormonal balance in place?? You don't know what's milk naturally made of then or you do and just throw in some animal products cause people wouldn't follow a whole food plant based diet that's the humane diet 100% !!

Everybody READ "HOW NOT TO DIE" by Dr. Michael Greger and then decide what to eat !! Facts and reviewed science, that's what people wanna and deserve to know, not bullshit payed by industries!

The real Doctors in this twisted sad world are John Mcdougall , Michael Greger, Caldwell Esselstyn, Garth Davis.

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