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Check out these incredible graphics! We’re giving away hundreds of dollars worth of high quality graphics for free! Take a look at the video for just a few examples of the vast amount of images in this package – you get website headers, sales page templates, social media buttons, call to action buttons, and tons more! These graphics are simple to use and edit the text so you can customize it to your own needs.
Wondering how to grab your own graphics pack? Just click the download button within the video itself, or click the link in video description, but you have a limited time to download them for free, so be quick! This freebie is a special gift to all my subscribers and regular viewers; stay tuned for more free tutorials, tips, and valuable info!

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Hi Brendan,

this seems not to be working any more. Did your license with PB expire? On click it reads: "This installation of PB Theme is currently unlicensed. Please enter your API Key to activate your theme… Click Here to Activate"

well…all i did was click on the 'linked in' share and while i did not complete that task, the downloads became available. interesting… thanks for the graphics!

does not work….i clicked on the 'like' buttons for both bonus and bonus gift of free website graphics, but nothing happened. no other choices or actions were available. those 'link buttons' are not functioning.

Lately, Brendan Mace is one of my favorite people online!! Check out ANYTHING he has to say about ANYTHING and you'll be in Good Hands (and maybe learn a thing or 2M! I know that I always check for his emails and deals!!!

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