GTA 5 Online: ARENA'S Fully Explained! – How To Buy/Setup Arena Workshop Property! (Arena Wars DLC)


GTA 5 Online: ARENA’S Fully Explained! – How To Buy/Setup Arena Workshop! (Arena Wars DLC)

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LaazrGaming Presents A Brand “NEW” Grand Theft Auto V Online ARENA WARS DLC Update showcase video for Next Gen ps4 / Xbox one, PC.


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I buy this arena work shop but it say I can not purchase now. Then I lose my money 995,000 without arena work shop. what does is mean???? 😑 I need my money back!! I'm poor. Is it bug?? . (My English is bad sorry😅)

Should I get this or an apartment or a house ? (A level 32 yes but with low money (400,000)

I’m really feeling the arena but really just the personal quarters if I can do that lol)

I personally love this update because it’s like a demolition derby game and I love those so this update is enjoyable plus I already have gotten my money back from it so I think it’s worth it for that too

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