Guo Shuqing: U.S. benefits greatly from trade deficit with China

China’s top banking regulator Guo Shuqing is weighing in on the trade war, saying the U.S. benefits greatly from its trade deficit with China. Also, American companies harvest much of that deficit in the form of profits, with only a small portion of the added value going to China.

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American companies make their products cheap in China so that they can sell them at an affordable price to the high paid Anericans and still make a hugh profit.And US still complain.

Chinese products end up in the landfill well before their time! Xi knows this so has implemented a state plan to make better products by 2025! He’s really saying that EVERYTHING produced in China before this date is substandard garbage! …..but thanks for buying our crap and boosting our economy!

This video is logical in the wrong way. United States doesn't care about what is that benefit in a logical way. It is an Empire and wants 100% control over the foreign policies of all other countries on Earth. It does this through murder and intimidation just like any gang or Mafia ever has. Explaining to the United States how the deficit helps them is like explaining to a Mafia Boss how they will do so much better if they get a job at the local grocery store and save their money at the bank from their hard work. Does the rest of the world just not get it? What is the point of a video like this that completely misses the situation of what is going on in the world?


Actually the way USA & China calculate the trade defisit IS MISLEADING

A US$ 1000 iPhone, FoxCon only got US$ 5 (cost+labor+profit) for assembling the phone, but Apple got US$ 700 (cost+labor+profit). If you calculate using this method, you'll know that China only profit a little from the export.

Not to mention the brand that did not send goods but got money in China.
ex. KFC.
The chicken is from China
Everything in KFC store is made in China
but the profit SEND to USA
—— I'm not saying this is wrong, but I'm saying this should also be calculated to reduce the defisit from USA-China

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