Here's Why the Maserati Ghibli Is a Terrible Way to Spend $85,000



I think the Maserati Ghibli is a terrible value — and I think it absolutely isn’t worth $80,000 or more. I rented this 2015 Maserati Ghibli from Turo to explain why.

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Well, first all don’t review a 4 years old model,maybe if you review a 2019 more then half of your comments is gone. Who buy a Maseratti don’t look for gadgets or toys , look for Italian design and way to drive a sedan with Ferrari engine. If you want gadgets buy a xbox.
You own a Maseratti? OF COURSE NOT….. drive for half an hour a loaner old model car don’t give you a reason to destroy a car is in production before you born.

Shitty ass review….. This guy fo sho has no pussy for @ least 2 months…..Get yo broke ass outta there…..Get the car back to the owner and hop on your Miata….

The gear lever isn’t as bad as shown in the video. I have a Maserati levante and the way it works is that a small nudge puts it into reverse and a quick nudge puts it into drive. It’s just a bit of getting used to.

Poor Doug…the guy is already shrinking! He's always claimed to be 6'4" and now he's suddenly down to 6'3". Give it another 10 years and he'll be able to dance inside the panel gap of this car.

To be fair, Id rather drive a Maserati than any BMW. I want neither, but the Maserati is just less common. Doug do you have a suggestion on how to make a radio/infotainment system compatible with future phones that have not even been developed yet? For this price Im getting a Cayman since its better than both for me.

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