How I survived workplace bullying | Sherry Benson-Podolchuk | TEDxWinnipeg

What happens when you’re on the bullying end or an organization meant to protect people? Who do you go to for help?

Sherry is a retired RCMP officer of 20 years. She has a degree in conflict resolution studies, which alongside of her personal experience with bullying in the workplace, has helped her to learn how to empower people to speak up and be educated
on how to do so in the most effective way. She aims to find the link between leadership, self-esteem, bullying and the importance of attitude to instill hope.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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OK she did make alot of beaver faces in this segment. I can see why they said it, but not really why they all would do it and with such cruelty. Mobb bullying. Weird. Narcissists are everywhere nowadays bc the work environments let this continue. This should be illegal… But it never will bc corporate has no value in it.

Where were all the other men and women in these workplaces? Are there that many blind or cowards around? I just don't understand how a person can witness bullying and do nothing about it.

Coming back to this video a year later after the worst bullying experience I've had at work. Now I have a new job and am still being bullied but much stronger. I made a promise to myself I wouldn't quit or go down without a fight. I'm much more confident and believe in my abilities. Wish me luck. Great story and speech!

I was in a bullied at work by a supervisor while I was getting my masters degree and one day my bully supervisor got demoted and I became her supervisor I just love karma

It depends on the nation culture the bulling individuals grew or came from. The educated civilized intelligent boss can address the same issues the better way. Only these who fear they hold unjustified given to them position react like psycho dogs, these are real abusers. If you give a pen to a farmer you will see what he will show to you. Bulling is against the civilized work place and must be punishable by immediate dismissal…………Also, at least annually all bosses must have psychiatrist check prescribed by the Boss Act.

Thank you . I am being bullied at my work. I am the youngest in the workplace . But my position is higher than others. I dont know what to do when they always have critisms in my work

Currently going through bullying at my work Place. Its my luck that are only a few weeks left before i change to a new work Place. I Know the feeling so good that you are Scared to Go to work and thinking you wont make it through the day.This helps me so much Right now! Thank you!

I'm an older woman and myself and classmates are experiecing bullying from my professor. I'm also being bullied by another student in class and the teacher knows about it. Funny part is (not funny) this is an interpersonal communication class. I'll be going to the dean this week. I just don't want to go to this class. I feel depressed and sick to my stomach.

I know that the reason there isn't a way to eradicate bullying and abuse is because it starts at the top of every society and has spread like an illness around the whole world. But I wish there was more solidarity – more marches and protests – more media attention – more education in schools – and more support from unions and from charities for victims – more general support and help of people who are suffering. If we can't rely on governments and people in authority because they are the actual cause of continuing abuse and bullying – then we need some other way of destabilising power structures and actually changing society so that less and less sensitive and beautiful souls are bullied and their lives made miserable and their potential wasted by these vacuous and selfish and cruel people who hold power and use it as a weapon.

I don't understand how some people can be so mean. I just can't identify with intentionally wanting to hurt another. She is a very strong woman. I'm happy she was able to overcome the horrible people who were tormenting her.

Being an honourable person in a corporate I have been bullied for standing against improper conduct from bullies. Worst part is people say they have your back and then dont say a word

I had a man at my previous job harassing myself and other employees. Corporate did an investigation. Their investigation found β€œthe man had communication β€œ problems but was no danger. After weeks of his inappropriate behavior, he stated he had β€œPTSD”was a retired Vet and if he β€œwent off at work β€œ nothing would be done to him because he was a retired Veteran……… I quit πŸ™πŸΏ

Bullies can be countries too. Just look at Israel which is armed to the teeth and uses its financial and military support from the USA to bully Palestinians into a lifetime of occupation and terror!

The hardest thing to accept about life is that there are people who get great satisfaction in hurting others. Be kind to one another.πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

How are you going to survive when there is no workplace? On the 22 trillion-dollar national debt grows a little bit bigger, government will have no way to pay for it… The economy will collapse and then what will you do?

I still don't understand why the systemic problem of bullying always comes down to the long-term impacts on victims and NOT problem-solving/disciplining the roots or cause. Stagnant. It's similar to continually mopping up the water from a leaky faucet. And therefore the incentive to bully not only remains, but the philosophy can often be seen rubbing elbows with the higher-ups. Years ago we predicted case workers were the next up and coming trend in employment opportunity. In order to meet the current social decay and junk culture which inhabits our entertainment, media, philosophies, etc and ensure future endeavours, the next popular workplace focus needs to be in establishing ethics committees. HR seems to have failed.

My workplace has been rife with workplace bullying. It has only got worse as each day goes by. It is suttle and underhanded. Management protects each other and even if the company is failing they never hold each other accountable. It is horrible and devastating. Plus the school bully trainer for staff to address students tried to b the bully for employees.

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