How Much does a Bluewater Sailboat Cost? | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 22

Do you dream of sailing over the horizon in your own sailboat? If so, one of the biggest questions you probably have is, How much is the boat?

In this episode, we break down the cost of our Tartan 37, going into the buying process, closing expenses and transaction costs in detail. We talk about how we prepared financially for making the transition to cruising life, by paying off all debts (student loans), acquiring passive income streams, and saving for the boat itself. We discuss the upgrades we made before we left the dock, and detail the cost of each upgrade.

How did we manage to stick to (well, very close, anyway!) our budget? A handful of fancy spreadsheets! (Links below) These financial tools we developed were incredibly helpful in taking the guesswork out of the boat buying process. They help answer questions like:

– Is the boat I’m interested in priced fairly?
– What should my offer price be?
– How much will the upgrades cost?
– Should I pay cash or finance a boat?

Even after setting our goal of buying a cruising sailboat 10 years ago, we took a long wandering path through a series of wrong turns to get to where we are now. Our aim with this video is to arm you with a set of tools to help you navigate your boat buying experience like a pro.

Hope you enjoy!
Lauren & Kirk

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I got stuck with my ex wife's school loans, and it took me 15 years to pay both hers and mine off.
But I paid them. I don't remember if I celebrated or not. I had to work two jobs to pay them both AND live comfortably. The monthly payment was $1938. That I will never forget.

It seems rather bold to spend up to your budget. I think it pays to have cash in hand in case of unforeseen issues. A survey is never exhaustive, and things can still conk-out unexpectedly.

Hi, that was a great video that seldom people do it so clear.If you can give your opinion I would appreciate a lot : I want to buy a 7-9 meters sailing bluewater boat, easy to maintain and no great initial repairs, 10 years maximum, with a budget of $35000. Can you advise me? Thought in beneteau 25.7, Jeanneau SUN 2500, DANA 24 if available, corsair F27. Any more ideas? Thanks in advance and wish both great and safe sailing, Paul

I really liked your video, I am planning on going cruising and working while retired. I worked for many years in the marine business, rigging boats and working on outboards and inboards, and then left the business 17 yrs ago. Ive been inspired again.But unlike many people I already know the heart ache of Boats….lol. And I love it !!!!! Good luck and God Bless

Extremely informative and well-delivered video, great. The list of upgrades/additions/repairs on any of this type of videos goes on and on like the cast list of one of those 1950s Biblical epics that Hollywood used to make, wow.

Eating Chinese takeaway for dinner while watching this video. My fortune cookie says "You will take an inspirational journey to a faraway place". Very nice!

But, hey, at least in the area you were, you could kind of shop for sales tax venue too. Do I remember that the broker also had an office near Waukegan? Sales tax if you'd signed the paperwork there would have been $3700 instead of $2218. So you saved almost $1500 by buying a Wisconsin boat instead of an Illinois one. (Sellers north of Chicago take note — Move your boat to Wisconsin if you're thinking about maybe selling next year. It'll make your total sale price 3% cheaper without you having to cut your ask by a dime. Registration is by where it ties up, not where you live.)

Thank you. I really appreciate you sharing this personal information. It’s hard to be like me on the outside of the boat world thinking about buying a boat and everybody is so secretive about what they paid for things. Found this very helpful. Blessings

Thank you, I really enjoyed it. I do have one question. I dont get it, why did you have to pay sales tax? Did you buy the boat from a Company???? I mean if you buy a used Product from a private person you would not have to pay sales tax… Or what state has that?

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