How Much Is An F1 Car Worth?

Formula 1 cars cost millions to build, but how much does it cost McLaren Honda every time their engine breaks? What about simply knocking off a front wing?

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It was rumoured years ago it cost 1 billion dollars to put a Ferrari f1 car on the track,inc all research and development and the encrypted two way radio they used.

This is really half-assed, seriously… What about the tyres or suspension? Or the seat, if you do include the steering wheel? Or the rear wing, if you do include the front wing? Or the CAD software for the R&D, if you do include the telemetry software? Overall a lame video, but the easily impressed fanboys will still click and give you thumbs up *slow clap*

I have wiped my ass since I was 5, so my behind must be worth millions in labor. Same works for a Formula 1 car. So the high price of F1 parts is really not that special.

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