How To Increase The PHP Memory Limit For WordPress Through cPanel With File Manager

This is a MUST DO if you are using the WooCommerce ecommerce WordPress plugin! If the info from my step by step video helped you out then PLEASE subscribe to my channel 🙂 I promise you that you will be happy you did 😉 I will continue to add more helpful tips and tricks to help you out with your website! Thank you for your support! You can check out my site here:

Okay so 1st go to the php.ini file (if you have access to it) then go to line number 232 and increase it to 256M

then go to wp-config file and put this code right under the very 1st php line (so this code will go on line 2 and 3)

//increase WP Memory Limit
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

click save for each one and all done 🙂 (make sure you do NOT have any spaces after the word limit on the that line and also do not have any spaces after the ; from the next line.)


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I am so confused. I have had many host people in my system and they all say my php memory is at 758MB. I am having a issue and someone told me to increase my PHP memory and I said it is at 768, then they suggested to lower it to 512MB. Is wp-admin.php the only location of this? My wp-admin.php does not show this at all. Was I lied to?

This was actually really helpful, I had to contact my hosting service and have them up my allowance but my WP page still said I hadn't upgraded the memory, this fixed it though!

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