How to increase the Site Speed sampling rate in Google Analytics (incl GTM) #GaQuickie

I’ll show you how you can increase the site speed sampling rate in Google Analytics.

So that you won’t have gaps in your site speed report in GA even though you have hundreds of daily visitors. This works best if you don’t have too much traffic.

Alright, the reason that you see gaps in your page speed report in GA is, that by default GA samples 1% of all your traffic. So if you have 1000 users, only 10 users will be logged in the site speed.

We will cover 2 ways to increase the site speed sample size:
1. In GA by adjusting the GA script on your site (just replace the placeholder UA code with yours):
ga(‘create’, ‘UA-XXXX-Y’, {‘siteSpeedSampleRate’: 100});

2. With Google Tag Manager (GTM), where we will just update the universal GA tag and update siteSpeedSampleRate to the value of 100.

Simo Ahava’s Blog which mentions the issues when you have multiple page views:

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