How To Master The Art of Storytelling

Sometimes in business, some entrepreneurs get so logical that hey forget how to tell stories. In this video, Patrick Bet-David shares the elements that make a great storyteller. A unique way to get your point across and win over an audience. Make sure to subscribe to Valuetainment for the all new uploads:

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it's funny when you're talkin about the story in Glendale near IHOP and Virgil's because I work around right there sometimes and go to that Virgil's… so I was picturing it for sure haha

Hi, I love this video, I have autism and I'm trying to communicate better with people.
I know you're very busy and may not read this comment but have you written any books on this subject? Or can you recommend any books on this subject.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

All the great religious books of man have their origins in stories that were told by the light of a campfire. In the old days when a shaman would retell the stories/myths of his tribe he would act it out complete with the magical song/prayer and dance that the hero used to accomplished his or her quest.

I used to hang with story tellers who smoked pot and just kept talking and talking to a point where all they needed was a campfire ☹️

My greatest high school teacher was a teacher that put story’s above my learning I will forgive him, this teacher loved to tell his story’s he was good at to I mean it was like a dream as soon as you here him start speaking about a non school topic it was like a sense of relief one of the greatest intros are ones that cut to the good bit the story bit it was honestly a thrill an gave me more reasons to attend his class well ofcourse you have to look after your story teller especially one but he was a teacher so we still could poke holes into his jokes and story’s laugh I honestly didn’t know how well someone could manage a full class room on there goes an the only reason he stops is the bell rings I failed that class an so did many of the kids on there toes listening to his stories but some did pass and I’m happy for them because when typing this story it would have been cooler if I passed

Haven’t watched your videos for a while only listened to your podcast (it’s a great podcast πŸ‘πŸ») but I have to say.. the beard doesn’t fit you well. You look like a university Professor but you’re too active to be one.
Keep up the great content but please think about that beard πŸ˜…

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