How to Recreate Your Identity

Patrick Bet-David is interviewed by Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory and in this short clip they discuss the process of discovering identity, what is the identity and how can others begin to shape it.

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I like your videos but you really have an aggresive, "dicky" way of interrogating your guests that I find unnecessary and annoying. Those cartoonish facial expressions and eyes. Needless buddy. You are an excellent interviewer and you have great taste in guests and topics. Don't make yourself into a caricature when you're a man of substance and intelligence.

No Way!!!!!! Two of the most influential people in my life making a video together. Thanks both of you guys for all you've done for me; I pray you continue to expand your levels of influence all around the world.

So true! I used to have the 'I don't want to be rich, money isn't important' mindset, but my mind has changed on that over the last couple of years. Its a simple fact that money IS important, and anyone who says otherwise is in denial of some sort. Of course, there are lots of things in life for enjoyment that are free, but when it comes down to it, we need money to pay bills, do most activities, hobbies mostly need equipment and supplies, travel needs passport, tickets and food….No free lunch in this world. Sadly.

You couldn't have uploaded this at a better time Pat. Much needed, I'll be sitting down over the next hour (it's after midnight), and visualizing what could happen if I don't go after my dreams NOW, and what could happen if I do. I'm already very ambitious and motivated. I just lack the urgency. This will help. Thank you for everything!

Jesus Christ is God… Someone holds a gun to my head .. that is what I am saying, If I somehow am being falsely sentenced to death or life in prison… Jesus Christ is God.. that's what I am saying.. Before we were formed in the womb, we were a thought in The Mind of God, believe it or not.. The Question is: How long did our identity exist in the mind of God before we materialized here?

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