How To Use Reverse Psychology With A Man! Get EFFECTIVE Results!

How to use reverse psychology with a man!
#1 You have to change your mindset first!
#2 The explanation. Explain what is happening between you two. What is happening at the moment between you two. Not that you need him but call out the explanation system! Showing a man that you can make fun of him lightly and create some positive emotions is a way that you can convenience him subconsciously that he likes you. You want to make sure you see yourself as worthy so he can also see the value in you too!

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Il faut etre completement folle: d'abord tu informes quelqu'un qu'il est amoureux de toi, ensuite tu lui dis que tu aimerais faire du carting avec lui parceque son energie est positive? The guy will be like " what's wrong with you woman "?

So you're saying people should emotionally and psychologically manipulate the people they're supposed to build a long lasting, loving and trusting relationship with? You know, I'm not a relationship expert, but that seems rather counter productive to me.

Ask yourself this, ladies. If you found out a man was doing this to you, how would you feel? Would you want to be with that man? Would you trust him?

Don't put anyone on a pedestal, let alone yourself. That's a great way of ending up alone. The sad truth is that human beings are flawed creatures. Get used to it. Accept it. Nobody is perfect. As soon as you realise this you'll be able to loosen up, be yourself and be open to other potential partners you never considered before.
Sure, maybe that weird guy in accounting isn't the Prince Charming you were hoping for. But maybe if you get to know him the positives will outweigh the negatives and you'll be able to build a long lasting relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Or you could just put yourself on a pedestal and play mind games. Hey, you never know. Maybe that 1 in a billion perfect partner will come to you.

You look gorgeous here in this video " .😎/ why do guys make plans and ghost you? He does it all the time.Makes plans to the T""and then dissapear""

He doesnot traje me with family reunions 'cause he says he wants his mother to meet me first but that Will be when my divorce is done. And because he was engaded 8 traes ago and he says he doesnot want his mom to hey hurt again. ( My divorce was in process when de started going out)…please some advice.

Can a long lasting marriage be sustained on these manipulations? At what point can the woman can relax … or do you have to do hot and cold forever?

Alex, je devais regarder cette vidéo avec un sourire et je cherchais cette vidéo spéciale. je vais bientôt rencontrer mon ex et j'espère pouvoir le lui dire car il a effectivement une bonne énergie .. mercy!! Beaucoup ❤❤❤🍷

Alex I didn't know that I was using this technique but I did and he just looked at me with a smile and said, I'll pass that's just not my thing. I wpuld keep bringing up other activities we could probably do then he'd have either an excuse or change the subject. When he does this I try to tease him into it and when he doesn't reciprocate I drop it and move on to something else. I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

Awesome tips! I'm already using some but will definitely apply more, especially the humor side of challenging him to an activity.. I think that would be fun! Hahaha 😂
Thank you Alex! 🙂

My boyfriend lost his job and decided to go to India for three months (he's Indian ) he's coming back to the USA in three months but said he doesn't know if he's coming back to Boston he lived in California for twenty years he had only been in Boston ten months when he lost his job so he may wind up living anywhere in USA he said he'll move to whatever state he finds a job in so should I just give up

I like this approach Alex. About two months ago, I reversed our situation and ended things with him because the relationship had sadly become one sided. I'm in radio silence now I feel so much better. I'm confident this will work but trust me it's not that easy. I have had to delete his number from my phone so I don't get tempted to call.

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